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14th- 24th Amendments


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14th Amendment
Gave citizenship to all persons in U.S., included former slaves who were recently freed
15th Amendment
Extended voting rights to black men
16th Amendment
Allowed Congress to pass and collect income tax from U.S. citizens
17th Amendment
Direct election of senators- took election of senators away from state legislators and gave it to voters
18th Amendment
Prohibition of alcohol
19th Amendment
Gave women suffrage (right to vote)
20th Amendment
Set the dates at which federal government elected offices end. In also defines who succeeds the president if the president dies
21st Amendment
Repealed the 18th Amendment which had mandated nationwide prohibition
22nd Amendment
Set a term limit for election and overall time of service to the office of President of the United States
23rd Amendment
Extends the right to vote in the presidential election to citizens residing in the District of Columbia by granting the District electors in the Electoral College, as if it were a state
24th Amendment
Outlawed the poll tax, which was used to discourage poor southerners (blacks) from voting