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Pre-Civil War Terms

Compromise of 1820
Missouri Compromise; Part 1, Missouri enters as slave state; Part 2, Maine created as free state from Massachusetts; Part 3, 30/60 Compromise Line; Effects, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, o1848
Texas War of Independence
1835, between American in Texas and Mexican Government; settler Sam Houston, general
Mexican War
President Polk wanted to buy New Mexico for $30 million; Polk declared war, Mexico invaded his territory
Underground Railroad
Network of escape routes that provided protection and transportation for slasves fleeing north to freedom
Harriet Tubman
Leader of Underground Railroad; "Black Moses"
Bleeding Kansas
John Brown, killed 5 men with swords in front of their families; group of southerners looted homes and offices in Kansas
Lincoln / Douglass Debate
Seven debates on the issue of slavery; introduced Lincoln to America
Compromise of 1850
Proposed Henry Clay; California admitted as free state; Utah and New Mexico have popular sovereignty; Congress abolished sale of slaves in Washington D.C.; fugitive slave act
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
February 1848; Part 1, Mexico gave up Texas, Rio Grande acts as border; Part 2, US receives New Mexico and California; Part 3, US paid Mexico $15 million; Part 4, US paid claims to Mexico, $3 million
Bleeding Sumner
Charles Sumner, against slavery; Preston Brooks beat Sumner with a cane
Dred Scott Decision
March 1857; Scott argued that he was free; Supreme Court rules 7 to 2; slaves weren't citizens, have no rights; Missouri Compromise unconstitutional
John Brown's Raid
Browon attacked federal arsenal, October 1859, Harpers Ferry, Virginia; Brown sentenced to be hung
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Harriet Beecher Stowe; discussed slavery in America; published in 1852
Fort Sumter
Federal fort on island in Charleston; Lincoln couldn't supply fort; South fired on Fort Sumter; Major Robert Anderson surrendered
Election of 1860
John Beckinridge (D); Stephen Douglass (D); Abraham Lincoln (R) <W>; no Southern votes, got 180 electoral votes; South succeeds
Spanish slave ship; transported slaves into New Haven; slaves put on trial, gained help of ex-president John Quincy Adams