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The duck-billed platypus and other monotremes differ from other mammals in that they

lay eggs

Lampreys differ from fishes in that lampreys

lack jaws and paired fin

The two distinguishing features of mammals are the presence of

hair an mammary glands

Two features of ray-finned fish not found in sharks are _____.

a swim bladder and opercula

The first vertebrates to live on land were most likely derived from _____.

lobe-finned fishes
(Many extant lobe-fins have structures (muscular fins supported by stout bones, lungs) that suggest they were well-suited to colonizing land. Several transitional fossils linking lobe-fins to tetrapods have been discovered.)

What is feathered wings, endothermic metabolism, and a number of adaptations for flight


Oldest bird, that resemebles a dinosaur


requires heat from external sources


Name a few amniotic reptiles

Lizards, snakes, turtles, crocodilles and birds

1st tetrapods that are able on move on land



jaw vertibrates with limbs and feets

hagfish produces _____ as a defense mechansim


What are parasites that penetrate the sides of fishes with their rasping tongues?


Whats are the three lineages of jawed fishes

Chondrichthyes, Ray-finned fishes , Lobe-finned

Sharks and rays have a flexible skeleton made of cartilage....
fishes includes the sharks, rays, and skates, paired


What animal has Internal skeleton , fattened scales
Operculum and swim bladder

Ray-finned fishes

What has muscular pelvic and pectoral fins, supported by rod-shaped bones


This group includes frogs, salamanders, and caecilians


amniotes—tetrapods with a terrestrially adapted egg


a private pond in which the embryo develops

amniotic egg

Evolved from a lineage of small, two-legged dinosaurs called theropods


Living birds evolved from a lineage of birds that survived the _____ ______

Cretaceous extinctions

relatively large brains and display complex behaviors


generates own heat (body heat)


Amniotes that have hair and produce milk


Mammals are endothermic amniotes or exodohermic

endothermic amniotes

generally have larger relative brain size than other vertebrates and a relatively long period of parental care


What are egg-laying mammals


Wht allows nutrients from the mother's blood to diffuse into the embryo's blood

The placenta

What have a brief gestation


The offspring complete development attached to the mother's nipples, usually inside a pouch or


What are bear fully developed live young ?


What does the mammalian order Primates includes

lemurs, tarsiers, monkeys, and apes

Many primate characters are arboreal adaptations
Example are:

Shoulder and hip joints
Grasping hands and feet
Sensitive hands and feet
A short snout and forward-pointing

The ______, ______, and _____ make up one group of primates

lorises, lemurs, and pottos

The______ form a second group of primates
(tree dweller)


The_______ group includes monkeys, apes, and humans


What have large brain, rely on eyesight and has thumbs


are the only fully arboreal apes
They are monogamous


_____, ______,and ______ have a high degree of social organization

Gorillas, chimpanzees, and humans

have relatively large brain size and flexible behavior


are shy and solitary and live in rain-forest trees and the forest floor


the largest of the apes, are fully terrestrial


make and use tools


The oldest possible hominid yet discovered

Sakelanthropus tchadensis

Our species emerged from


Eutherians include _____.
A. humans
B. duck-billed platypus
C. kangaroos
D. most of the native mammals of Australia
E. egg-laying mammals

A. humans

What is the first distinctively hominid trait to appear in the fossil record

upright walkin (bipedaism)

What features of hominids evolved most recently?

Enlarged brains

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