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Motives of Exploration: Spanish

Motives: Gold, Glory, God
Settlements: Their empire was a tight-knit, closely supervised, source of wealth. Soldiers, merchants, and padres were main colonists. Natives were subjects of sovereign-- thus fusion of cultures.

Motives of Exploration: Dutch

Interests: East Indies, New World, and Brazil sugar plantations.
Motives: Fur trade, Northwest passage, and piracy
Settlement: small and based in fur trade. consisted primarily of traders and merchants. Company-run by the Dutch West-Indies Company. Obsessed with yearly profit, poor Native relations.

Motives of Exploration: French

Entered race late, 1608.
Motives: Profit, national glory, spreading faith, Northwest passage to the Orient, Piracy of Spanish treasure ships.
Settlements: Fishermen, fur traders, trappers, did business with natives and intermarried.
Colonists were primarily soldiers, traders, trappers, and priests.

Motives of Exploration: English

Interest: Profit, national glory, spreading Protestant faith, Northwest passage, piracy, religious sanctuary.
Settlements: women and children as well as men, based on farming and trading, expansive, not always good relations with Natives.

Differences Between English and others

Gov contributed much to colonies. Most colonies were single males, not families. Colonies founded for financial reasons and national glory, not for the interest of the colonists. Gov were centralized, with little popular support.

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