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Extensions of Linear Models


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piecewise functions
a function that is defined differently for different disjoint intervals in its domain.
linear inequality
inequality in which all the terms have a degree of one or zero
boundary line
a line that divides the coordinate plan into two regions, called half-planes
half plane
one of two regions of a coordinate plan created by a line in the plane. Closed if bounded line is included. Open if boundary line is not included.
system of linear equations
two or more linear equations using the same variables at the same time. simultaneous
substitution method
a method that involves substituting an value equivalent to an expression or variable into another equation
elimination method
Also called linear combination, a method that involves eliminating one of the variables.
parallel systems
no solution or inconsistent
coinciding systems
infinite solutions or consistent and dependent
dependent system
a system that produces coincident lines
independent system
a system that produces two distinct lines
consistent system
Systems that have a solution.
inconsistent system
system that has no solution
system of linear inequatlities
two or more linear inequalities using the same variables.
solution region
overlapping half-planes in a system of inequalities