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They should be the with of three fingers (with a small clutch) or if they are thinner then they need to be multiple strings.


They should only have enough room for lip gloss, blush, eye shadow, and money


they should match your outfit and NEVER hang low always have them in some wrap/knot


Never a turtle neck should be eight fingers low. A neck gives a sense of cleavage and a neck line


Light wash strait leg bell out for occasion. Destressed is the best jeans to have.


The longest should be to your knees if it is longer you are looking for a way to be made fun of then go longer.


they need to be knee length or they are tights, and you are going to be the laughing stalk of the school


They should be very bright and shiny if you can about an inch or a half an inch if not buy shoes with a hump in the heel NEVER a ballet flat


They should be to your waist and double button in the front a mutual color


It should be huge bangles and a dangle neackless

#1 rule

Dress to impress

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