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History 1320 Quiz 17 questions

Dr. Berlage
How were federal troops used in the Pullman Strike of 1894?
To help suppress the strikers on behalf of the owners
The New South as promoted by Henry Grady:
attempted to appeal to northern business interests but failed to bring prosperity to the region.
Who migrated to Kansas during the Kansas Exodus?
Between 1890 and 1906, southern state governments and white Southerners eliminated black voting using all of the following EXCEPT:
racial tests
In Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), the Supreme Court:
ruled that "separate but equal" accommodations were constitutional.
All of the following were used by southern whites to maintain domination over blacks EXCEPT:
outlawing the use of black female domestic workers in white homes
At the end of the nineteenth century, lynching:
was an act of violence directed mostly at black men.
The new immigrants:
came from Southern and eastern Europe
Booker T. Washington:
encouraged blacks to adjust to segregation and abandon the push for civil rights.
Founded in 1886, the American Federation of Labor:
restricted membership to only skilled workers.
In 1900, most of the nearly 5 million women who worked for wages worked in:
garment industry and domestic laborers
Journalists who worked for newspapers like William Randolph Hearst's New York Journal, which sensationalized events to sell papers, were called:
yellow journalists.
President William McKinley justified U.S. annexation of the Philippines on all of the following grounds EXCEPT:
the United States needed to ensure that the Philippines became an independent democracy.
All of the following statements about Emilio Aguinaldo are true EXCEPT:
Aguinaldo believed that Filipinos could only govern themselves with U.S. assistance.
The Homestead Strike demonstrated that neither a powerful union nor public opinion could influence the conduct of the largest corporations.