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archenemy (adj)

a chief or head enemy

ambiguous (adj)

having more than 1 meaning

ambivalent (adj)

having 2 different and opposite feeling about someone or something



antipathy (noun)

a strong feeling of dislike against someone or something

antidote (noun)

the cure against the effects of poison

patriarch (adj)

a man who rules a family, group, or state

antediluvian (noun)

ancient; old


chief, lead, rule

antagonize (verb)

to cause dislike against yourself

ant or anti


ambidextrous (adj)

able to use both hands

acronym (noun)

a word in which each letter represents the first letter of a word

acrophobia (noun)

a fear of heights

inanimate (noun)

not having life or spirit

animate (noun)

to give life or sprit to

antecede (noun)

to happen before another event




height, high, top

antemeridian (noun)

occurring before noon

equanimity (noun)

balance or peacefulness of the spirit

acrobat (noun)

a person who performs difficult gymnastic tricks, often from a high place

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