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  1. Inside the sarcophagus of King Tut
  2. Introduced belief in one god called Aton
  3. Male and female colors on Egyptian statues
  4. Psusennes I, or Pasibkhanu or Hor-Pasebakhaenniut I
  5. Amount of boat pits found around the Pyramid of Choeps that were used for ceremonies
  1. a The Silver Pharoah: was the third pharaoh of the 21st dynasty of Egypt
  2. b Akhenaton
  3. c 5 boat pits
  4. d 4 gold coffins containing the mummified internal organs of King Tut
  5. e Males are painted dark and females are painted white

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  1. due to iconoclasm
  2. To trade with Egypt's neighbors to the South of Punt
  3. committed suicide
  4. Cleopatra
  5. Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt

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  1. Mortuary Temple of HatshepsutDeir el-Bahri


  2. A Golden Canopic Chest held..Queen Nefertiti


  3. The burial mask of King Tut consisted of..3 coffins, 4 shrines, and the mummy


  4. Both sides of palettes carved in raised..reliefs


  5. Moved the capital to the southjourney up the darkened causeway