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  1. Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut
  2. Male and female colors on Egyptian statues
  3. Introduced belief in one god called Aton
  4. How Mark Antony and Cleopatra died
  5. King Narmer's request
  1. a committed suicide
  2. b Males are painted dark and females are painted white
  3. c Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt
  4. d Deir el-Bahri
  5. e Akhenaton

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  1. 5 boat pits
  2. Palette of Narmer, from Hierakonpolis
  3. Cleopatra VII
  4. grinding cosmetics
  5. first acted as regent, then crowned herself as pharoah

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  1. Both sides of palettes carved in raised..reliefs


  2. Akhenaton's queenUnification of Upper and Lower Egypt


  3. Discovered Psusennes I intact tomb in Tanis in 1940Professor Pierre Montet


  4. Scribeone who writes official documents


  5. Moved the capital to the southAkhenaton