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  1. Discovered Psusennes I intact tomb in Tanis in 1940
  2. The Last of the Macedonian rulers of Egypt
  3. How Mark Antony and Cleopatra died
  4. Loss of the Great Sphinx nose by Muhammad Sa'im al-Dahr, a Sufi Muslim -AD 1378
  5. The Great Sphinx, Giza
  1. a committed suicide
  2. b Cleopatra VII
  3. c the largest monolithic statue in the world/oldest known monumental sculpture
  4. d due to iconoclasm
  5. e Professor Pierre Montet

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  1. 63 tombs
  2. To trade with Egypt's neighbors to the South of Punt
  3. Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt
  4. a Canopic Jar
  5. Octavion

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  1. Sphinxone who writes official documents


  2. Thutmose IIIfirst acted as regent, then crowned herself as pharoah


  3. Scribelion's body and human head


  4. Discovered King Tut's graveQueen Nefertiti


  5. Done to indicate an Egyptian royal family memberbinding of babies' heads to produce an oblong shape