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  1. The burial mask of King Tut consisted of..
  2. Scribe
  3. The only Ptolemaic ruler to learn to speak Egyptian
  4. Amount of boat pits found around the Pyramid of Choeps that were used for ceremonies
  5. A Golden Canopic Chest held..
  1. a Cleopatra
  2. b an albaster sarcophagus
  3. c one who writes official documents
  4. d inlaid with blue glass and semi precious stones
  5. e 5 boat pits

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  1. Males are painted dark and females are painted white
  2. Akhenaton
  3. a Canopic Jar
  4. binding of babies' heads to produce an oblong shape
  5. sarcophagus

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  1. The Last of the Macedonian rulers of Egyptjourney up the darkened causeway


  2. Loss of the Great Sphinx nose by Muhammad Sa'im al-Dahr, a Sufi Muslim -AD 1378due to iconoclasm


  3. Discovered Psusennes I intact tomb in Tanis in 1940Professor Pierre Montet


  4. King Narmer's requestQueen Nefertiti


  5. Thutmose IIIHead of the Egyptian army under Hatshepsut's rule