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  1. The burial mask of King Tut consisted of..
  2. Roman senate waged war against
  3. Akhenaton's queen
  4. How long it takes to mummify and prepare the body
  5. The Last of the Macedonian rulers of Egypt
  1. a inlaid with blue glass and semi precious stones
  2. b Queen Nefertiti
  3. c 60 days
  4. d Cleopatra VII
  5. e Mark Antony and Cleopatra

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  1. 5 boat pits
  2. Howard Carter and George Herbert in 1922
  3. committed suicide
  4. Akhenaton
  5. Cleopatra

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  1. Both sides of palettes carved in raised..reliefs


  2. Sphinxlion's body and human head


  3. Inside the sarcophagus of King TutAkhenaton


  4. Hatshepsutone who writes official documents


  5. Thutmose IIIfirst acted as regent, then crowned herself as pharoah