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  1. Discovered King Tut's grave
  2. Palettes were typically used for
  3. Had Ptolemy XV Caesar (Caesarion) murdered
  4. Amount of boat pits found around the Pyramid of Choeps that were used for ceremonies
  5. The Last of the Macedonian rulers of Egypt
  1. a Howard Carter and George Herbert in 1922
  2. b 5 boat pits
  3. c Octavion
  4. d Cleopatra VII
  5. e grinding cosmetics

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  1. committed suicide
  2. Head of the Egyptian army under Hatshepsut's rule
  3. Professor Pierre Montet
  4. inlaid with blue glass and semi precious stones
  5. a Canopic Jar

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  1. Psusennes I, or Pasibkhanu or Hor-Pasebakhaenniut IThe Silver Pharoah: was the third pharaoh of the 21st dynasty of Egypt


  2. Egyptian funeral ceremonies included rituals likecarrying the body along the Nile to the Funerary Temple to be mummified


  3. Akhenaton's queenUnification of Upper and Lower Egypt


  4. How long it takes to mummify and prepare the body60 days


  5. Amount of tombs in the Valley of the Kings63 tombs


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