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Magento Solution Specialist (Section 1-12)

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Magento Enterprise Edition features only:

1. Private Sale: Invitations can be sent to a specific group of customers in order to let them know that a private sale is going to happen.

2. Gift Registries: Customers can create a gift registry for some kind of occasion which is special to them like birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, and so on. They can send invitations to their friends so they can buy gifts for this occasion.

3. Reward Points: Create special programs which aim to boost user experience and loyalty. the points are given for special kind of actions like creating a review, range of transactions adding tags, invitations of customer of customers to your store, and so on.

4. Gift Cards: A customer can buy a gift card product which can be sent to someone. the gift card has a code which can be redeemed by the recipient during checkout. there are three kinds of gift card products; virtual, physical, and a combination of both.

5. Assisted Shopping: the orders can be created on behalf of the customers. the customer service has access to the shopping cat of a customer and can add products from the wishlists to the shopping cart.

6. Automated Email Marketing Reminders: we can send email reminders about sales, promotions, discounts, new products, product which are again in stock. The Automated Email Reminders can be also be sent to customer with the information about the items that they have in their shopping cart that await purchasing.

7. Customer Store Credit: this can be used in refunds. It can also show the current balance and gift cards that are available.

8. Solr: Solr Search boosts the search relevancy and supports spelling, synonyms, and weighted attributes

9. Customer Address Attributes: Can be used in campaigns special offers for customers from a particular region

10. PCI Data Security Standard: Customer sensitive data is secured.

11. CMS: We can create content pages which include eye-catching content, rich menus, and page hierarchy.