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Dance GCSE facts

Choreographer (gd)
Christopher bruce
Set designer (gd)
Christopher bruce
Choreographer (bs)
Siobhan davies
Set designer (bs)
David ward and Sam Collins
Dance style (bs)
Contemporary, release based
Dance style (gd)
Contemporary, ballet, folk
Dancers (gd)
5 women
6 men
Dancers (bs)
5 women
3 men
Costume designer (gd)
Belinda Scarlett
Costume designer (bs)
Genevieve bennet
Lighting designer (bs)
Adrian plaut
Lighting designer (gd)
Nick chelton
Music (gd)
Inti ilimani
Music (bs)
Andy pink
Staging (bs)
In the round
Staging (gd)
Created? (Gd)
Created? (Bs)
What do the costumes show? (Gd)
Defiance of the Chilean people against the military coup
Themes (gd)
Suffering of the people
Defiance of the people
Themes (bs)
Movement responding to sound
Inner rhythms
Name lighting contributions (bird song)
Provides dancer with space to dance in
Separates groups of dancers
Compliments other components
Enhances theme of dance
Sculpts dancers bodies
Name lighting contributions (ghost dances)
Suggests time of day
Enhances atmosphere and adds to it
Highlights a dancer
Suggests location (cave)
Symbolic (sidelight&spotlight = death/torture)
Name contributions the costume makes (bird song)
Ease of movement
Sculpts body
Compliments lighting and projections
Enhances choreographic idea
Enhances flow (movements fluidly executed)
Name contributions the costume makes (ghost dances)
Identifies social and political context
Indicates gender
Adds to atmosphere
Adds humour
Identifies groups of dancers