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  1. LOC
  2. Evoked Potential Studies
  3. Cardiac Stress Test
  4. 2-D (2-dimensional) Echocardiogram
  5. Plethysmography (venous)
  1. a Measures changes in the volume of an extremity; usually performed on a leg to exclude DVT (deep vein thrombosis)
  2. b leave on chart
  3. c A noninvasive study that provides information about the patient's cardiac function
  4. d Tests used to evaluate specific areas of the cortex that receive incoming stimuli from the eyes, ears, and lower or upper extremities or sensory nerves
  5. e A technique used to "see" actual heart structures and their motions

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  1. somatosensory evoked potential
  2. Similar to an EMG, except that it evaluates the integrity of the peripheral nerves. This test often is performed with EMG
  3. A cardiac study that demonstrates the waveform produced by electrical impulses from the electrocardiogram
  4. A catheter coated with a substance that does not allow the passage of x-rays, thus allowing the movement of the catheter to be followed on the viewing screen
  5. visual evoked potential

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  1. EndoscopeThe visualization of the interior of organs and cavities of the body with an endoscope. Biopsies may be obtained during an endoscopy.


  2. Echocardiogram (2-D M-Mode Echo)A diagnostic, noninvasive procedure in which ultrasound is used to study the structure and motion of the heart


  3. DVTpulmonary function test


  4. Holter MonitorMonitor of heart function that provides a visual and audible record of heartbeat


  5. IPGimpedance plethysmography