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Beowulf Test

1. What project does Hrothgar order undertaken to ensure his fame? What is the name of that construction project?

Herot the Mead Hall

2. What typical activities do the people engage in at this place Hrothgar makes?


3. What does the bard sing about inside the hall early in the narrative? Why does this anger Grendel?

Ancient Beginnings

5. How many warriors does Grendel eat on the first night he attacks Herot?


6. How long does Grendel haunt Herot until Beowulf comes to help the Danes?

12 years

7. What is the one thing in the mead-hall Grendel is unable to touch or ruin?

Hrothgar's Throne

What king does Beowulf serve?


What does Beowulf do to Grendel that mortally wounds the monster?

Rips his arm off

9. When Beowulf fights Grendel, what special weapon does he use to dispatch the monster?


11. What decoration or trophy does Beowulf stick on a spike over the entry-way to Herot?

Grendel's Arm

Who comes to avenge Grendel's death?

Grendel's Mother

Grendel's mother kills whom in retaliation for her son's death?

Hrothgar's best friend

14. Where does Grendel's mother live?

Bottom of a lake

15. What unusual supernatural features does the lake have?


How long does the text say it took Beowulf to reach the bottom of the lake?


What happens when Beowulf uses the first borrowed sword to strike Grendel's Mother?

It breaks

Where does Beowulf find a second weapon when battling Grendel's Mother?

Hanging on the Wall

According to the text, who made the second weapon that Beowulf uses to fight Grendel's mother?


What does Beowulf ask be done with his body when it comes to burial?

To be buried near the Castle

After Beowulf appoints Wiglaf king, what is Beowulf's last dying request?

Dragon's Jewels

20. What years do the Anglo-Saxon period span?


21. What was life like for people during this period of time?

Difficult, bloody conflicts, ignorance and violence

Who first invaded and controlled the land of early Britain?


23. Where did the name England come from?

Settled Anglo Saxons

What is wyrd?

Fate Thinking

Why is Wyrd important to Anglo-Saxons?

Its Their form of Religion

25. What is an epic poem?

Praised deeds of heroes

26. What is a scop?

A Poet that tells stories and plays the Harp

What came to Anglo-Saxon England that ended the sharing of literature through oral tradition? Why?


31. What language was Beowulf originally written in?

Old English

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