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-던, -았었였던 reminiscence


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옛날에 알았던 사람인데 이름이 생각이 안 납니다.
I cannot remember the person's name who I used to know .
작년에 자주 갔던 커피숍이 문을 닫았어요.
The coffee shop is closed that I often went last year.
한국에 살 때 자주 먹었던 음식이 뭐예요?
What was the food that you often ate when you lived in Korea?
예전에 많이 했던 게임이에요.
It is a game that I played a lot before.
어제 봤던 영화 제목이 뭐예요?
What was the movie that you watched yesterday?
어제 보던 영화 제목이 뭐예요?
What was the title of the movie that you were watching yesterday?
집에 가던 길이었어요.
It was on the way to go home.
이곳은 제 남자 친구하고 제가 처음 만났던 곳이에요.
It was the place where I first met my boy friend.
예전에 한번 와 봤던 기억이 있어요.
I have a memory that I have been here once before.
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