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What is Reverend Parris upset about at the opening of Act 1?

his daughter's condition and the possible connection to her inappropriate activities in the woods

Thomas Putnam's attitude toward Reverend Parris is one of

contempt or disdain

How does Mrs. Putnam justify sending Ruth to Tituba?

Mrs. Putnam feels she deserves to know why she had to endure the deaths of seven children

Abigail's personality

proud and manipulative

Puritans associate the forest with

disorder and evil

John Proctor's character


Tituba's state of mind when she starts naming names

She is so sure that trouble will befall her that she plays along with Hale as he pushes her for information

Why does Reverend Parris send for Reverend Hale?

Hale is considered an expert in matters of witchcraft and the Devil

Setting of Act 2

the Proctor's home, eight days after the girls have begun to accuse people

the Proctors' relationship

they seem wordy and uncomfortable with each other

Mary Warren

naive, weak

Hale arriving at the Proctors' house

he has seen events go beyond his expectations in Salem

Hale's interview with John Proctor
John Proctor's attitude toward Hale

-troubled but rigid
-He believes that Parris is too interested with wealth

Why does Proctor call Hale "Pontius Pilate"?

accuse Hale of doing injustice by doing nothing

What is implied about human nature by the number of accusations that are brought forth?

people want to find a scapegoat when things go wrong for them

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