15 terms

APUSH Chapter 11 (p. 224-the end)

Aaron Burr
Jefferson's vice president who was later dropped from the Cabinet; plotted the secession of New England and New York--Hamilton exposed him. Later faced the Supreme cout for plotting to seperate the eastern half of the US from the western--Marshall let him go because he had "treasonous thoughts" but not "treasonous acts"--after trial, he fled to Europe where he urged Napoleon to attack America rather than Britain
General James Wilkinson
military governor of Louisiana Territory; plotted with Burr to seperate the trans-Mississippi from the rest of the US, and to expand the confederacy by invading Spanish America to the west; when he learned that Jefferson had uncovered their plot, he betrayed Burr and fled to New Orleans
Lord Nelson
smashed the combined forces of French and Spanish fleets in the Battle of Trafalgar, thus ensuring Britain's dominance of the seas
crushed combined Austrian and Russian forces at the Battle of the Three Emperors, thus ensuring France's dominance of the land
Orders in Council
edicts by the London government that ordered the blocking of European ports controlled by France (until the ship stopped by Britain, they weren't allowed to ever enter these ports); Napoleon retaliated by ordering the seizure of all merchant ships
the forcible enlistment of saliors
name of the ship that was attacked by a British one; the British claimed that this ship was carrying 4 "deserters" and demanded them to be handed over. American captain refused to do so--British open fire and end up taking the 4 anyways
Embargo Act of 1807
forabde the export of all goods from the United States; done to force Britain and France (who greatly desired American products) into respecting American ships. Unpopular among Americans because it hurt them economically--the act probabley hurt more than the damage done by Britain and France. Finally repealed in 1809
Non-Intercourse Act
reopened trade with all nations of the world.....except Britain and France.....who were their greatest source of income....The lack of trade pushed many to become factory workers
Macon's Bill No.2
forbade trade with just Britain and France, BUT promised to allow trade if Britain or France lifted their commerical restrictions; passed by Congress. Madison didn't agree because he feared it showed America's desperation for trade
war hawks
those who anted to go to war with Britain/France for their insults; mainly young hotheads form the south or west
Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa
Shawnee brothers; urged Indians to conform and to not sell land to the whites unless everyone agreed. The war hawks were convinced that he was being funded by "scalp buyers" in Canada
Governor William Henry Harrison
governor of Indiana; attacked Shawnee in the Battle of Tippecanoe and won (became a national hero. Forced Tecumseh into an alliance with the British.
Felix Grundy
had 3 brothers killed by Indians. Wanted to "go to Canada" (where he believed the source of the Indians' power to reside) and crush the British (which would be a "double-win" seeing as the British deserve some wounds after all of the insults they dealt)
party in New England that was against "Mr. Madison's War"; supported British (even sent supplies to Canada and refused to let their state's army participate!)