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  1. Benign spreading?
  2. Gene Amplification
  3. N1
  4. UV radiation
  5. Cancer
  1. a Rapidly reproducing cells!
  2. b mobile nodes involved
  3. c basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.. produces skin inflammation and free radicals
  4. d Dup. piece of chromosome. increased expression of oncogene
  5. e Does not metastasize, low mitotic index

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  1. increases chance of cervical cancer
  2. first capillary bed encountered by circulating cells
  3. metastasized to distant sites
  4. Biologic response modifiers (immunotherapy)
  5. die a natural death

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  1. Local Spreadsever form of malnutrition (80% of pts at death)
    Cancer needs more energy so it takes it from your body


  2. stem cellsnot immortal/divide limited # of times


  3. p53 genecauses apoptosis in all cells "suicide gene"


  4. AlcoholMalignant connective tissue tumors


  5. Obesityincreases estrogen, insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia