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  1. HPV
  2. Rb
  3. N0
  4. Clinical Manifestations
  5. BRM
  1. a no axillary nodes involved
  2. b Biologic response modifiers (immunotherapy)
  3. c tumor suppressor that's decreased
  4. d Pain, Fatigue, cachexia, anemia, leukopenia,paraneoplastic syndrome
  5. e increases chance of cervical cancer

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  1. passed to future generations
  2. Dup. piece of chromosome. increased expression of oncogene
  3. (B)tumor in uterine tissue
  4. seeding from dropping cells in removal of tumor
  5. die a natural death

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  1. Palliative surgeryremove tumor for comfort


  2. AnaplasiaLoss of cellular differentiation


  3. Stage 2cancer is confined to organ of origin


  4. T1lesion <2cm


  5. Stage 3metastasized to regional structures