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  1. Malignant grows...
  2. Tumor markers
  3. Implantation Metastasis
  4. Ionizing radiation
  5. Lipoma
  1. a seeding from dropping cells in removal of tumor
  2. b subs. produced by cancer cells or that are found on plasma membrane , in the blood, CSF for urine :hormones, enzymes,genes,antigens, antibodies
  3. c rapidly, invasive
  4. d x rays, atomic bombs- cell death, gene mutations and chromosome aberrations
  5. e (B)tumor in fat tissue

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  1. ezyme stimulating more rapid growth(proto-oncogene)
  2. decrease, insulin, obesity, inflammation, free radicals, gut motility
  3. lesion 2-5cm
  4. through lymphatics and blood
  5. Well defined capsule

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  1. Germline cellsnot immortal/divide limited # of times


  2. SarcomasMalignant connective tissue tumors


  3. stem cellsMultipotent


  4. Tumor-Suppressor genesSTOP! encode proteins that negatively regulate proliferation


  5. Obesityincreases estrogen, insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia