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  1. ras
  2. N1
  3. N0
  4. Alcohol
  5. Glioma
  1. a no axillary nodes involved
  2. b irritant to cause inflammation
  3. c mobile nodes involved
  4. d (B)tumor in brain/spine tissue
  5. e ezyme stimulating more rapid growth(proto-oncogene)

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  1. Malignant epithelial tumors
  2. create own blood supply (malignancy), decreases p53 gene
  3. seeding from dropping cells in removal of tumor
  4. skin/chest wall involved by invasion
  5. metastasized to distant sites

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  1. care taker genes(decrease) involved in repairing damaged DNA


  2. Stage 1metastasized to regional structures


  3. Sarcomasirritant to cause inflammation


  4. ChrondromaMalignant epithelial tumors


  5. Benign capsule?Well defined capsule