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  1. Mutation of tumor suppressor gene
  2. Autocrine Stimulation
  3. Germline cells
  4. Glioma
  5. Stage 2
  1. a locally invasive
  2. b secretion of growth factors/stimulate own growth
  3. c allows unregulated cellular growth
  4. d passed to future generations
  5. e (B)tumor in brain/spine tissue

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  1. ezyme stimulating more rapid growth(proto-oncogene)
  2. decreases stomach acid causing irritation to increase inflammation
  3. radiation therapy
  4. (B)tumor in fat tissue
  5. skin/chest wall involved by invasion

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  1. protein kinasesprotective caps on each chromosome


  2. Sarcomas(B)tumor in fat tissue


  3. Benign spreading?Well defined capsule


  4. T1lesion <2cm


  5. N1mobile nodes involved