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  1. Chromosome mutations
  2. Malignant spreading?
  3. Leiomyoma
  4. Chronic Inflammation
  5. Ionizing radiation
  1. a x rays, atomic bombs- cell death, gene mutations and chromosome aberrations
  2. b releases ROS, free radicals
  3. c (B)tumor in uterine tissue
  4. d piece on one chromosome is transferred to another
  5. e metastasis, high mitotic index

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  1. Malignant epithelial tumors
  2. metastasized to distant sites
  3. mutant genes that direct protein synthesis and cell growth(GO!)
  4. preferred growth of cancerous cells on certain secondary organ
  5. increases estrogen, insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia

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  1. Stage 3locally invasive


  2. Autocrine Stimulationsecretion of growth factors/stimulate own growth


  3. Anemiasever form of malnutrition (80% of pts at death)
    Cancer needs more energy so it takes it from your body


  4. Stage 2lesion <2cm


  5. Telomeresprotective caps on each chromosome