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  1. Malignant spreading?
  2. Telomerase
  3. Xenobiotics
  4. T1
  5. N2
  1. a fixed nodes involved
  2. b toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic chemicals in food EX burnt meat and moldy food
  3. c deleted by cancer/ holds together telomeres
  4. d lesion <2cm
  5. e metastasis, high mitotic index

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  1. mutant genes that direct protein synthesis and cell growth(GO!)
  2. no axillary nodes involved
  3. not passed to progeny
  4. tumor suppressor that's decreased
  5. decrease, insulin, obesity, inflammation, free radicals, gut motility

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  1. H. Pyloridecreases stomach acid causing irritation to increase inflammation


  2. Chemotherapy compartment 2Cells undergoing mitosis and cytokinesis


  3. Chemotherapy compartment 1cells capable of entering the cell cycle in G1


  4. Chemotherapynonselective cytotoxic drug that targets rapidly reproducing cells


  5. Palliative surgeryremove tumor for comfort


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