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  1. N2
  2. BRM
  3. Cancer
  4. Occupational Hazards
  5. Palliative surgery
  1. a Biologic response modifiers (immunotherapy)
  2. b asbestos, dyes, rubber, paint, explosives, radon
  3. c fixed nodes involved
  4. d Rapidly reproducing cells!
  5. e remove tumor for comfort

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  1. metastasized to regional structures
  2. decreases stomach acid causing irritation to increase inflammation
  3. Malignant connective tissue tumors
  4. aging and increased growth rate/ decreased apoptosis
  5. locally invasive

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  1. Radiationeradicate cancer w/o excess toxin but increases inflammation


  2. Lipoma(B)tumor in fat tissue


  3. Tumor markersprotective caps on each chromosome


  4. Metastasis occurs infirst capillary bed encountered by circulating cells


  5. Angiogenesiscreate own blood supply (malignancy), decreases p53 gene


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