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Virtualization offers a way to cut costs by using fewer computers.


Windows Web Server 2008 can be used to manage directory resources via hosting Active Directory.


Computers and users in a domain can be managed to determine what resources they can access, such as printers and shared folders.


The multitasking in Windows Server 2008 is called cooperative multitasking.


On a peer-to-peer network, workstations are used to share resources such as files and printers and to connect to resources on other computers.


____ is the ability to increase the access to server resources and provide fail-safe services by linking two or more discrete computer systems so they appear to function as though they are one.


____ means that a processor can be added to an empty processor slot while the system is running.

Hot-add processor

With ____, you can replace a processor in an SMP system without taking the system down.

hot-replace processor

A ____ is a grouping of network objects, such as computers, servers, and user accounts, that providesfor easier management.


____ enables the server administrator to manage critical configuration features from inside one tool.

Server Manager

____ is an umbrella of security protection features that monitor and manage a server and its clients.


Windows Server 2008 comes with Microsoft ____ to transform the server into a versatile Web server.


____ is a minimum server configuration, designed to function in a fashion similar to traditional UNIX and Linux servers.

Windows Server Core

Windows ____ is a command-line interface that offers a shell.


Windows PowerShell offers over 130 command-line tools, also called ____.


The operating system kernel runs in ____ mode, which protects it from problems created by a malfunctioning program or process.


___ is the ability to run two or more programs at the same time.


____ is the capability of programs written to run several program code blocks, or ''threads,'' at the same time.


A ____ is a communications system enabling computer users to share computer equipment, application software, and data, voice, and video transmissions.


____ networking focuses on spreading network resource administration among server and nonserver members of a network.


____ networking centralizes the network administration on one or more servers.


On Microsoft networks, a ____ is a number of users who share drive and printer resources.


Packets and ____ are units of data transmitted from a sending computer to a receiving computer.


A ____ is a network of computers in relatively close proximity, such as on the same floor or in the same building.


____ provides for reliable end-to-end delivery of data by controlling data flow.


____ provides network addressing to ensure data packets quickly reach the correct destination.


A multiprocessor computer is known as a(n) _________________ computer, which isa computer that uses more than one processor.

SMP (symmetric multiprocessor)

______________ is the ability to add RAM without shutting down the computer or operating.

Hot-add memory

The ___________________is the full cost of owning a network, including hardware, software, training, maintenance, and user support costs.

TCO (total cost of ownership)

Windows Server 2008 supports UNIX and Linux clients using the ______________________________.

SUA (Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications)

The ____________________ consists of the core programs and the computer code of the operating system.


a database of computers, users, groups of users, shared printers, shared folders, and other network resources.

Active Directory

a computer program or portion of a program that is currently running


a computer that has its own central processing unit (CPU) and can be used as a stand-alone or network computer


enables memory to resynchronize after transient memory problems so there is no interruption tocurrent computing activities

Fault tolerant memory sync

enables Windows Server 2008 to offer a virtualization environment


a computer that accesses resources on another computer via a network or direct cable connection


a 64-bit processor that uses a design different than typical x86 and x64 processors, which allows it to process more instructions per processor cycle


a customized environment for executing commands and scripts


files that contain commands to be run by a computer operating system


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