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LA test #1

sophomore year first LA test

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another word for "resolution"
main character in story (not always hero)
character or force that opposes protagonist (not always villain)
character who provides a contrast to the protagonist (used to emphasize main attributes of protagonist)
all of man vs:
man, society, nature, self
first person
I, we, us
third person objective
don't know thoughts of others (he, she, it, they)
third person limited
thoughts/feelings of ONE character
third person omniscient
all knowing
underlying meaning of literary work (NOT the subject/topic)
Is the Canterbury Tales realism? (why
no (because from different social groups wouldn't meet up like they did)
How is Canterbury Tales organized?
from what Geoffrey Chaucer believes should be ranked from highest to lowest, disregarding the feudal system.
How many pilgrims are in the Canterbury Tales?
Framed Narrative
fiction story within a story
Canterbury tales is what type of narrative?
framed narrative
Moral redemption
capacity to transcend one's limitations and reveal new level of self knowledge (spiritual enlightenment)
What does Dante say about moral redemption?
can only be reached after they confront the evils of the world and within themselves
What language was Inferno written in? (why)
Italian (language used in art, literature, and church)
where was Dante born?
people who supported the pope
people who supported the emperor
White Guelph
opposed pope as ruler
Black Guelph
still supported pope as ruler
Dante's true love
Why is the Inferno trilogy called a comedy?
they have a happy ending
Original language for Bisclavaret?
Canterbury Tales structure?
iambic pantameter
Inferno structure?
iambic tercet
Bisclavaret exposition
Garwal tells his wife about him being a were-wolf (bisclavaret)
Bisclavaret inciting incident/force
Garwal's wife hides his clothes
Bisclavaret rising action
king goes hunting and Garwal become king's pet, Garwal attacks his wife's new husband.
Bisclavaret climax
Garwal attacks his wife and almost gets killed
Bisclavaret falling action
wise man persuades king to question wife and forced her to speak
Bisclavaret denouement
Garwal wife speaks and becomes human again
Bisclavaret protagonist
Bisclavaret antagonist
Garwal's wife
Bisclavaret conflict type (man vs....)
man (and society)
Bisclavaret point of view
Third Person Objective
Bisclavaret theme
courtly love
Inferno protagonist
inferno conflict type (man vs....)
inferno point of view
first person
Inferno theme
Language of Canterbury Tales (why)
Latin (used in church and most common)
author of stories during Geoffrey Chaucer's time?
Clerics (produced most literature)
compound expression used in place of a name or noun (storm of swords = battle)
extended metaphor
courtly love
Lady married to lord, but also married to Knight as long as they didn't have an affair.
What did lots of stories have?
Heroism/idealized behavior and Courtly Love
When was Inferno written (what was happening to Dante?)
he was in exile
Inferno (allegorical and literal meaning)
Put in order during Dante's time (malice, fraud/disloyalty, betrayal/pride, weakness)
what does the leopard, lion, and she-wolf mean?
leopard = fraud, lion = violence, she-wolf = weakness