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something upstairs study guide

s.u. test
fathers job change
kenny huldorf moves from los angeles, california, to providence rhode island because of...
1789 daniel stillwell
they move into a house built in .... for .... it has a historical plaque above the front door
attic room stain
kenny chooses the .... .... for his bedroom. he sees a .... on the floor in a small room
noises ghost
he hears .... one night, enters the room, and sees a .... rising out of the floor
kenny asks his parents if they .... in ghosts
death investigates
caleb (a slave, the ghost) tells kenny about his .... , and kenny ..... it
pardon willinghast house
kenny meets ..... ....... in the historical library as he tries to get info about his .... and caleb
kenny goes into the poast and is asked to deliver a ....
kenny ..... old newspapers to see how caleb did
caleb asks kenny to find his ..... and to prevent it from happening
to do this both caleb and kenny go back in time to ....
they see slave merchants including pardon willinghast at the ....
slave trade open end
there are two very different groups involved in this story: one group is in favor of keeping .... .... .... and the other group wants to ... the slave trade
pardon willinghast talks to kenny and takes his .... this prevents kenny from returning to the present time
olney lane rocks
the mob on .... .... becomes violent and throws .... at caleb and injures him
caleb has a ..... and kills a person in the mob
attic room floor
caleb and kenny return to the ... ... and the injured caleb lies on the ...
bent nail
kenny leaves caleb in the room which is locked from the inside with a ... ...
moses brown
kenny wants help from ... ... who helps the slaves
kenny never meets brown, but meets up with ..... outside on the street
gun past
willinghast gives kenny a ... and tells him to kill caleb. if kenny doesnt do it, willinghast will throw away the keychain and kenny will be stuck in the ... forever
attic room
kenny returns to the ... ... and tells caleb what willinghast wants him to do
caleb tells kenny to kill .....
it was willinghast who killed ... the first time
wounds shot shirt
kenny fires the gun to pretend that he killed caleb and caleb forces his ... to bleed on the floor to look as though he was really .... he covers his .... with blood
willinghast comes to the attic room to make sure caleb is dead and kenny .... willinghast. he dies
kenny wakes up in the .... time
he tells avi his story, and takes avi to the ......
mr. and mrs. huldorf
kennys parents
mr. (moses) brown
cut X in brick wall and is against slavery
esek ormsbee
slave merchant, was the "O" in the note
philip seagrave
slave merchant, was the reciever of the note
arial peake
slave merchant
came from california, moved to providence rhode island, white, lived in 1987, only one that saw ghost, confident
ghost boy, was a slave, african american, was stuck in a room, murdered sleeping, lived more than 100 years ago, sometimes gets offended
pardon willinghast
historican, wanted law enforced, trying to stop mr. moses and his faction, leader of a group