The present tense: regular -ER, -IR and -RE verbs

Remember! We can translate the present tense in three ways: - "je joue" can mean 1. "I play" 2. "I am playing" and 3. "I do play". sing = singular pl = plural m = masculine f = feminine
je parle
I speak (am speaking)
tu parles
you (sing) speak (are speaking)
il parle
he speaks (is speaking)
elle parle
she speaks (is speaking)
nous parlons
we speak (are speaking)
vous parlez
you (pl) speak (are speaking)
ils parlent
they (m) speak (are speaking)
elles parlent
they (f) speak (are speaking)
je finis
I finish (am finishing)
tu finis
you (sing) finish (are finishing)
il finit
he finishes (is finishing)
elle finit
she finishes (is finishing)
nous finissons
we finish (are finishing)
vous finissez
you (pl) finish (are finishing)
ils finissent
they (m) finish (are finishing)
elles finissent
they (f) finish (are finishing)
je vends
I sell (am selling)
tu vends
you (sing) sell (are selling)
il vend
he sells (is selling)
elle vend
she sells (is selling)
nous vendons
we sell (are selling)
vous vendez
you (pl) sell (are selling)
ils vendent
they (m) sell (are selling)
elles vendent
they (f) sell (are selling)