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AP US History Touart- American Pageant (Chapter 9) The Confederation and the Constitution

Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom, Thomas Jefferson
Two-part What officially separated church and state in Virginia and who was its author?
civic virtue
What is the belief that democracy depends on the unselfish commitment of each citizen to the public good?
republican motherhood
What was the term for the elevated position women held in early America as keeper's of the nation's conscience?
Society of the Cincinnati
What was the exclusive hereditary order created by the Continental Army officers after the American Revolution?
What group founded the world's first antislavery society in 1775?
Articles of Confederation
What was the first written constitution for the United States?
Land Ordinance of 1785
What was the legislation that provided for the sale of the Old Northwest and division of townships?
Dey of Algiers
Who was the North African pirate who preyed on American shipping in the Mediterranean in the 1780s?
Daniel Shays
Who led a Massachusetts uprising in 1786 in demands for better treatment of poor farmers?
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
What legislation abolished slavery in the territory north of the Ohio River and provided for territories to become co-equal states with the original thirteen states?
no power to enforce taxes, no power to regulate commerce
What were the two most crippling weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?
George Washington
Who served as chairman of the Constitutional Convention?
3/5 Compromise
What was the name of the agreement worked out at the Constitutional Convention for considering slavery in terms of population for representation?