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-고 보다, -다가 보다 find out

듣고 보니까 기분 나쁘네요.
After I heard, (I found out) I feel terrible.
알고 보니까 정말 착한 사람이었어요.
After I know him, (I found out) he is a nice person.
공부를 하고 보니까 어렵지 않았어요.
After I studied, (I found out) it was not difficult.
만들고 보니까 사람 얼굴처럼 생겼더라고요.
After I made, (I found out) it looks like a human face.
알고 보면 좋은 사람이에요.
If you know her, (you will realize) she is a good person.
듣고 보면 공감하실 거예요.
If you listen, you will feel the same way.
살다가 보니까 별일이 다 있네요.
(While I am living) I have seen everything.
공부하다 보니까 어렵지 않았어요.
During study, I found out it was not difficult.
먹다가 보니까 제가 시킨 게 아니었어요.
While I was eating, I found out it was not my order.
처음에는 이상했는데 자꾸 보다 보니까 예쁜 것 같아요.
It was very weird at first, but more I use it, I found out that it is pretty.
계속 쓰다 보니 편한 것 같습니다.
As I use it many times, I found that it is very comfortable.
돈이 없다 보니까 아이들한테 좋은 물건을 사 줄 수 없어요.
Because I do not have money, I cannot buy good stuff to my kids.
돈이 필요하다 보니까 훔칠 수밖에 없었어요.
Because I do not have money, I have nothing to do but stealing.
배가 고프다 보니 아무거나 먹게 됐어요.
Because I am too hungry, I just become to eat anything.
살다가 보면 좋은 일이 있을 거예요.
In your life(while you are living), good things will happen.
쭉 걷다 보면 백화점이 나올 거예요.
If you keep walking straight, you will find a department store.
생각 없이 말하다 보면 실수할 수도 있어요.
When you talk to someone without thinking, you can make mistake.
듣다 보면 이해하실 거예요.
While you are listening, you will understand.
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