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duderstadt ch. 14 Zetelli ch. 14

qualified yes

HTN, CHD, MVP, heart murmur, CP, one kidney, hepatomegaly, malignancy, sickle cell, seizure


fever, acutely enlarged spleen


DM, HIV, asthma, one testice

muscoloskeletal exam

two minute ortho screening, focuses on alignment, flexibility and proprioception

physical exam

BP, general, eyes/vision, CV, respiraotry, GU, MS, skin

grade 1 concussion

transient confusion, no LOC, mental status abnormalities of <15 min. May return to sports that day if symptoms resolve in <15 min.

grade 2 concussion

transient confusion. no LOC. mental status abnormalities >15 min. May return to sport after asymptomatic for 1 week.

grade 3 concussion

LOC. may return to sport after asymptomatic for one MONTH. + CT finding should be removed for 1 season. more than 2 = NO MORE SPORTS EVER

second impact syndrome

second brain injury before first has resolved. Can result in massive brain swelling and risk of mortality.

hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

primary cause of sudden death. Rare (1:100,000).


diagnose ONLY after 3 separate elevated BP readings.
mild= not restricted from any sport
severe- restricted until evaluated and treated


-should be well controlled
-immediate access to home BG testing system
-should NOT participate if: retinal hemorrhages, BG <100 or >250

atlantoaxial instability

bony anomaly and ligament laxity often seen in down's syndrome where the skull and the first 2 cervical vertebrae articulate. Incident is 10-30%.

anorexia, amenorrhea, osteoporosis

female athlete triad

heat cramps

mildest form of heat illness. Painful muscle spasms of extremities and abdomen. Thirsty but well orientated. Tx is hydration, rest and activity avoidance x 2 days

heat exhaustion

most common heat illness. excess sweating and is a reversible condition. Sx include cramps, ha, fatigue, weakness, dizziness. Increase in core temp >38. tx is hydration, rest, with ED monitoring

heat stroke

MEDICAL EMERGENCY. morbidity rates from 17-70%. hyperpyrexia, coma, anhidrosis with core temp>40

Recommended components

Cardiac, Respiratory, Neuro, Vision, Ortho, psychosocial, GU

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