World War II

Germany Invades Poland
Officially begins World War II
Axis Powers
Germany, Italy, Japan
Allied Powers
U.S., Great Britain, France, Soviet Union
Executive Order #9066
Sends Japanese Americans to internment camps
Manhattan Project
Secret building of the atomic bomb
Battle of Midway
Japan attacks the island of Midway; American wins the battle
Battle of Stalingrad
Battle fought in the Soviet Union; Soviet Union wins
Fought on the beaches of Normandy, France
Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Germany
ruler who has complete control
Hideki Tojo
military leader of Japan
Joseph Stalin
dictator of the Soviet Union
Benito Mussolini
dictator of Italy
policy through which the U.S. let Britain borrow military supplies
Winston Churchill
prime minister of Great Britain
when the government limits the amount of food people can buy
Tuskegee Airmen
African American fighter pilots; also called "Red Tails"
atomic bomb
creates massive explosive energy by splitting atoms
Battle of the Bulge
last major battle between Germany and the Allied Forces
concentration camps
places where Jews and others were imprisoned during WWII
a "widespread destruction" of certain groups of people by the Nazis

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