Roaring Twenties and The Great Depression

Henry Ford
Made cars affordable with the Model T
18th Amendment
Amendment that outlawed the sale and consumption of alcohol
21st Amendment
Amendment that made the sale and consumption of alcohol legal again
Mass Media
public forms of communication that reach large audiences
Dust Bowl
area of the Great Plains that was affected by large dust storms
out of work
mass production
the making of large quantities of goods that are exactly alike
migrant worker
a worker who moves from place to place to harvest crops
stock market
place where stocks are bought and sold
Harlem Renaissance
period in which artists used writing, music, and painting to share ideas and feelings about life for African Americans
Great Depression
worst period of economic hardship in American history
borrowed money
Franklin D. Roosevelt
president that created "New Deal" programs
Herbert Hoover
president that was blamed for not helping Americans enough during the Great Depression
Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)
helped farmers decrease production in order to raise prices of crops
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
Set up work camps for millions of young men. They received pay and housing and planted trees.
Works Progress Administration (WPA)
Built roads, schools, bridges, parks, and airports. Also employed artists to work on murals.
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
Built 50 dams along rivers in the south to prevent flooding.
Social Security Board (SSB)
Provides monthly payments to the elderly
Margaret Mitchell
Wrote "Gone with the Wind" which inspired people to live through hard times
Babe Ruth
Hit 60 homeruns in one season; famous baseball player
Charles Lindbergh
First male to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
Amelia Earhardt
First female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
Jesse Owens
Olympic runner who won 4 gold medals
Louis Armstrong
Famous jazz musician of the 1920s and 1930s
Langston Hughes
Famous poet of the Harlem Renaissance