Westward Expansion

Chief Joseph
Leader of the Nez Perce tribe who tried to run to Canada but was captured and taken to a reservation in Oklahoma.
area of land set aside for Native Americans
Levi Strauss
inventor of the blue jeans
someone who takes a risk to start a business
gold rush
sudden movement of people to an area where gold is found
cattle drive
way that cowboys moved large herds of cattle from Texas to the East
African American pioneer
a farmer who would bust through "sod" to plan crops
a pioneer who claimed land under the Homestead Act
Homestead Act
law that gave pioneers 160 acres of land to live on and farm for 5 years
a settler who moves from one place to another
Great Plains
a vast region of grassland in the middle of the country
Transcontinental Railroad
a railroad that crosses a continent
Samuel Morse
He invented the Morse Code and the telegraph
a device that sends messages along wires using electricity
Pony Express
service in 1860 that used riders on horses to deliver mail from Missouri to California
Battle of Little Bighorn
also known as "Custer's Last Stand"
Massacre at Wounded Knee
The last major conflict between Native Americans and the United States

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