World War I Unit

Spanish-American War
A war between the United States and Spain that lasted 6 months.
Theodor Roosevelt
Fought in the Spanish-American War; president of the United States during the Progressive Movement
a belief that each country should handle their own affairs
love of one's country and desire it to be free from control
yellow journalism
exaggerated newspaper reporting
political cartoon
a drawing that expresses an opinion
posters often used during wars to persuade people to believe or do something
Panama Canal
a canal that was built in order to shorten the route between the east and west
rough riders
a odd mix of people that fought during the Spanish-American War; led by Teddy Roosevelt
Buffalo Soldiers
nickname for African American soldiers who fought in the wars again Native Americans living on the Great Plains during the 1870s
a narrow strip of land that connects two larger areas
Treaty of Versailles
treaty signed in 1919 that officially ended WWI
agreement among nations to defend one another
League of Nations
international organization formed after WWI to prevent wars
World War I
war from 1914-1918 between the Central and Allied Powers
a steamship that the Germans sank killing 100 Americans onboard; led the U.S. to eventually join WWI
U.S.S. Maine
the ship that suddenly exploded off the coast of Cuba; many people blamed Spain for the explosion
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
His assassination started World War I
Central Powers
Germany, Turkey, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria
Allied Powers
France, England, America, Russia, Serbia, Belgium

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