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turkish military slaves


russian emperor

how did czar come to be used

russian version of ceaser

Ivan III

moscow prince who led rebellion against mongol rule

justinian code

body of roman law collected and organized by justinian around ad 534

hagia sophia

church destroyed by mobs of rioters in 532 and rebuilt by Justinian


religious images to aid devotion of eastern christian


kicked out of the church


prime minister in a muslim kingdom or empire

pax ramana

roman peace to spread peace

seljuk occupied what current day country


seljuk converted to what religion


seljuk's were influenced by what culture


abbasids ruled what empire

seljuk turk

eastern orthodox

eastern speaks greek

roman orthodox

speak latin

who made up triumvirate

ceaser, crassus, and pompey

why form triumvirate

the three men wanted to take control of Rome

what ended triumvirate

they didn't trust Ceaser and thought he wanted to be king

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