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  1. 10 to 11 years
  2. chromosphere
  3. 10 billion years
  4. extremely high pressure and temperature
  5. solar winds
  1. a time span over which the number of sunspots varies
  2. b the layer of the sun's atmosphere which produces a reddish glow
  3. c the length of time it will take for the sun to use up all of its hydrogen
  4. d streams of electrically charged particles coming from the corona
  5. e fusion only occurs in these two conditions

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  1. the glowing of gas molecules in the Earth's atmosphere caused by solar winds
  2. areas of gas on the sun which are cooler than areas that surround them
  3. the product of the sun's fusion
  4. the element the sun uses to generate energy
  5. the number of charged particles in solar winds

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  1. the sun's gravitybecause its mass is so great


  2. prominenceswhere solar winds can enter the Earth's atmosphere


  3. the Earth's atmosphere and magnetic fieldthese usually prevent solar winds from entering our world


  4. heat and lightthe product of the sun's fusion


  5. coronathe outer layer of the sun's atmosphere