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  1. 99.8% of the mass of the solar system is...
  2. the Earth's atmosphere and magnetic field
  3. photosphere
  4. nuclear fusion
  5. auroras
  1. a in the sun
  2. b these usually prevent solar winds from entering our world
  3. c the process by which the sun generates energy
  4. d the inner layer of the sun's atmosphere which produces the light
  5. e the glowing of gas molecules in the Earth's atmosphere caused by solar winds

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  1. How does the mass of the helium produced by the sun compare with the mass of the hydrogen that goes into the process?
  2. where solar winds can enter the Earth's atmosphere
  3. disruptions of radio, television and telephone signals and electrical power problems
  4. the product of the sun's fusion
  5. because its mass is so great

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  1. prominencesthe outer layer of the sun's atmosphere


  2. chromospherethe inner layer of the sun's atmosphere which produces the light


  3. 10 to 11 yearstime span over which the number of sunspots varies


  4. (H) hydrogenthe element the sun uses to generate energy


  5. heat and lightThese are the byproducts of the sun's nuclear fusion.