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arms race

A competition between two nations who want to build more military equipment and weapons than the other.

atom bomb

The original nuclear weapons, dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki


Sealing off a location to prevent goods and people from entering


A society that encourages private ownership of companies aiming to increase their wealth in a free market.

coalition government

A government made up of several different parties working together


A form of Marxism that calls for a classless society with common ownership and shared decision making


A form of government where the people elect their governments.

domino theory

The theory that one country turning communist would lead to all its neighbouring countries turning communist as well


A set of beliefs and viewpoints that form a political theory

Iron Curtain

the phrase invented by Churchill to describe the division in Europe between the Western powers and the Soviet Union and its allies


Measurement of the explosive force of a nuclear bomb

nuclear weapons

Weapons made that use a nuclear process to cause the explosion

Peaceful Co-existence

A new policy introduced by Khrushchev, where the USSR would recognise the Western powers and live separately but equally.

pre-emptive strike

An attack that is launched by one side before the other side can attack


Describes a government that puts restraints on personal freedoms

satellite states

Countries that are independently governed but follow the lead of another more powerful country.

sphere of interest

A country or area that another country has power over but doesn't rule directly


United Socialist Soviet Republic or the Soviet Union

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