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Name the anterior depression on the scapula.

Subscapular fossa

The humerus fits into what specific part of the scapula?

Gelnoid cavity

What specific part of the clavicle attaches to the scapula?

Acronimal end

Frequently, the clavicle is broken when the arms are extended to brace a fall. Explain how hitting the ground with your hands can fracture the clavicle.

The pressure is put on the clavicle, because it is a weaker smaller bone it is easily broke. It is also not fully ossified until after 20 years of age.

The epiphyseal line on the humorous has what other name?

Anatomical neck

The condyles of the humorous have specific names. What are they?

capitulum and trochlea

Name the ridge of bony tissue proximal to the lateral condyle of the humous.


What is the name of the lateral bone of the forearm?


Name the depression on the ulna into which the humorous inserts.

Trochlear notch

Name the bony process that extends distally from the head of the ulna.

Stylized process

How does the head of the ulta differ in position from the head of radius?

Radius is proximal while the ulna is distal

Each metacarpal bone consists of three major regions. What are they?

carpals, metacarpals, phalanges

Name the carpal bone at the base of the thumb.


The [blank] joins the 2 os coxa at the anterior junction of these bones.


What curve area occurs on the os coxa directly inferior to the posterior inferior ilic spine?

greater sciatic notch

What is the cup-like depression of the os coxa into which the head of the femur fits?


Name the roughened line that runs along the length of the posteriors femur.

intertrochanteric line

Name the sesamoid bone that forms the quadriceps tendon.


What is the name of the process on the distal portion of the tibia.

medial malleous

What is the function of the fibula?

attach joints to muscle

What is another name of for the heel-bone?


what is the name of the bone of the foot that joins the tibia and fibula?


How many bones are in the ankle?


How many bones are in the foot?


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