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A space station orbiting earth is exhibiting what kind of energy?

Kinetic energy

The fact that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be converted from one form to another refers to

Conservation of energy

Chemical energy is a form of _____ energy.


In your body, what process converts the chemical energy found in glucose into the chemical energy found in ATP?

Cellular respiration

What are by-products of cellular respiration?

Heat, Carbon Dioxide, and Water

The reaction A → B + C + heat is released in a(n) _____ reaction.


A(n) _____ reaction occurs spontaneously.


What reactions require a net input of energy from its surroundings?


In cells, what is usually the immediate source of energy for an endergonic reaction?


The reaction ADP + P → ATP is a(n) _____ reaction.


The energy for an endergonic reaction comes from a(n) _____ reaction.


What is the fate of the phosphate group that is removed when ATP is converted to ADP?

It is acquired by a reactant in an endergonic reaction.

The use of energy released from an exergonic reaction to drive an endergonic reaction is called

Energy coupling

The ___-______ is the phosphate group closest to the ribose sugar


The _______ is the scaffold that provides the backbone for the entire adenosine triphosphate molecule.

Ribose Sugar

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