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put up; build


parts on which the other parts rest for support; bases


a hollow shape in which anything is formed, cast, or solidified


a special event


a proper relation among parts


to put in order


space or building where work is done

where did the story take place


Waterhouse Hawkins created the first ever..

dinosaur models

Which is an example of a fact?

More than 300 dinosaurs species have been discovered.

Which is an example of an opinion?

People are probably curious about dinosaurs.

Who found the 1st known dinosaur fossil?

The English

What is a biography?

A story of a person's life written by another person

What was Waterhouse's true passion?


Who's new science museum was he building the dinosaurs for?

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

How many steps did it take to build a dinosaur?


What night was the dinner party on?

New Year's Eve

Where did the people eat at the dinner party?

inside the dinosaur

Where did Waterhouse sign his dinosaurs?

inside the lower jaw

Did Waterhouse have dinosaurs in New York City's Central Park museum?

No. They were destroyed and buried.

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