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  1. An intentional news leak for the purpose of assessing the political reaction.
  2. Newspapers and magazines, as compared with broadcast media.
  3. The issues that attract the serious attention of public officials and other people actively involved in politics at the time.
  4. The use of in-depth reporting to unearth scandals, scams, and schemes, which at times puts reporters in adversarial relationships with political leaders.
  5. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and other means of popular communication.

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  1. media eventEvents purposely staged for the media that nonetheless look spontaneous. In keeping with politics as theater, they can be staged by individuals, groups, and government officials, especially presidents.


  2. beatsNewspapers published by massive media conglomerates that account for over four-fifths of the nation's daily newspaper circulation. Often these control broadcast media as well.


  3. broadcast mediaTelevision and radio, as compared with print media.


  4. sound bitesShort video clips of approximately 15 seconds; typically all that is shown from a politician's speech or activities on the nightly television news.


  5. narrowcastingMedia programming on cable TV or the Internet that is focused on one topic and aimed at a particular audience. Examples include MTV, ESPN, and C-SPAN.