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What is a netball pitch divided into
Sex test
What type of test was introduced in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City
In sailing, what is the name of a rope used to hoist or lower a sail
By what is the Paralympic sport of wheelchair rugby also known
Tonya Harding
Which American ice skater was accused of conspiring to injure her main rival at the 1994 Winter Olympics
At designated stations during the Tour de France, riders are given food bags called what
Bungee jumping
Which extreme sport is believed to have originate on a South Pacific island where it was an ancient rite of passage for boys
Goat carcass
Sometimes called Afghanistan's national sport, buzkashi involves scoring points by carring what
Steven Seagal demonstrated an aggressive form of which martial art in movies such as Above the Law and Hard to Kill
Which country was the first to win 3 consecutive Olympic gold medals in women's volleyball
Which is the only style used for international competition in women's wrestling
Which goal tending position in ice hockey is also the name of an insect
Table tennis
Forrest Gump excelled at which sport
The Way of the Dragon
In which movie is the famous martial arts fight between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris
Which type of food is also a swimming move taught in swimming lessons
What country does soccer player Romario de Souza Faria come from
Traditionally, the Le Mans 24 hour race always starts at what time on the Saturday
In Aussie Rules football, how many points do you score for a behind
How many points are scored for a cannon in billiards
Harold Sakata won a silver medal in weightlifting at the 1948 London Olympics but later went on to greater fame playing which James Bond villain
In which country is mountain biking generally agreed to have originated
Which sport features in the Alfred Hitchcock movie Strangers on a Train
In the movie Nacho Libre, comedian Jack Black plays a holy man with a passion for which sport
Tennis star Mark Philippoussis is from which country
What do you call a surfer who rides with his right foot forward
In which athletics field event might you use the technique known as the O'Brien Shift
Harold Abrahams
Which athlete won the gold medal for the 100m at the 1924 Olympic Games
Freestyle and Greco-Roman
Which two types of wrestling are contested at the Olympic Games
Green Bay Packers
Which American football team won the first 2 Super Bowls
Andre Agassi
Who won the men's singles title at Wimbledon in 2001, 11 years after he first competed in the tournament
Horse riding
In which Olympic sport are all events open to both men and women
How old was Martina Hingis when she became the youngest ever Wimbledon champion, winning the ladies doubles in 1996
Carl Lewis
Which American athlete won 4 gold medals at the 1984 Olympics
Bicycle polo was invented in 1891 in which country
Rudyard Kipling
'Over the entrance to the Centre Court at Wimbledon' is an extract from a poem by which author
Mike Tyson
Which boxer stopped Hector Mercedes in his professional debut in 1985
The Bears
Which Chicago American football team was nicknamed the Monsters of the Midway in 1939
Curtis Strange
Who was the first golfer to win more than $1 million in official earnings in a single year
Jacky Ickx
Which driver was the first to win 6 times at Le Mans
What was the first non-US country to win the Little League baseball series
Vijay Singh
Which golfer replaced Tiger Woods at the top of the Official World Golf Rankings in 2004
What is known as the world's longest dogsled race
10 metres
How high is the platform competitors dive from in a high diving contest
What sport has 4 different colour codes for the balls, ranging from yellow for hot conditions to blue for cold conditions
What colour flag is held up to a US auto racer to show one lap left
Head of the Charles
In rowing, what is the name of the world's largest annual regatta
At which Olympic Games did women's weightlifting make its debut
What shirt number did basketball player Michael Jordan wear
How many points are needed to win a game of petanque
In ice hockey what is it called when one player pushes another into the walls
What is the term when somebody walks with the ball in basketball
How many points do you need to win a game of volleyball
Anil Kumble
Which cricket star appeared in a PETA advertising commercial promoting vegetarianism
What kingdom is archery the national sport of
How many holes are there in a bar billiards table
Teams competing in the Tour de France normally have how many cyclists in the race
Which studying anthropoemtry at Harvard in 1901, Constance 'Apple' Appleby introduced American women to what sport
Which sport is governed by the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs
Grand slam
What is the term, in baseball, when a home run is hit with all bases occupied
Bespectacled Earl 'The Machine' Anthony won a record 41 professional titles in which sport
What shape is an Australian rules football pitch
In which sport might you have a FITA round
Which country has won the most international curling championships
How many times did Carl Fogarty win the World Superbikes Championship
In fishing what is the name of the plastic fish used as bait by fishermen
Freestyle wrestling
In what Olympic sport is the main objective to pin an opponent's shoulders to a mat
In which country is the sport of jai alai most popular
What is the name given to a mound on the slope to a skier
How old do you have to be to join the senior golf tour
Indianapolis 500
The Sunday before Memorial Day, as many as 350,000 fans gather at Brickyard in the USA to watch which race
Which country was one of many to ban Formula One racing in 1955 and up to 2001 remained the only European country not to allow motor races
8 seconds
In most standard rodeo competitions, how long does the rider have to stay on the horse or bull
Which country does the soccer striker Andriy Shevchenko come from
For which sport is American Kelly Slater best known
A green flag starts a US car race. What flag indicates when the race is over
Jai alai
Which sport uses balls made from goat skin
Willie Shoemaker
Which jockey was paralysed in a 1991 traffic accident after winning 8,833 races
When rugby union was last included in the Olympic Games, which team won the gold medal
How many judges score each figure skater in the Olympics
Abe Mitchell
Who is on the top of the Ryder Cup
Which sports ball was once made of gutta-percha, a milky Malaysian tree fluid
What substance is used to surface the best quality pool tables
Approximately what proportion of all bicycles sold today in the US and UK are mountain bikes
Ken Norton
Who broke Muhammad Ali's jaw in a boxing match in 1973
Hog lines
What is the name of the lines the granite stones must pass in curling
What table sport featured in the Spice Girls' movie Spice World
Jack Johnson
Who was the first black man to win the world heavyweight boxing championship
Vasily Alekseyev
Who was the first Olympic weightlifter to lift over 600kg in combined weight
Which popular teen movie memorably featured a game of strip croquet
How many divisions are there in Olympic boxing
What calibre of rifle is used in the Olympic biathlon
Winkipop is a surf break in which country
Which country is credited with developing kickboxing
What sport returned to the Winter Olympics in 2002 after an absence of 54 years
In a singles lawn bowls match, what is the maximum number of points that can be scored in a single end
In windsurfing what is the name of the large fin under the board
Other than 3 minute rounds, what did the Queensberry Rules bring to boxing
Standard Club Liege plays soccer in which country
What was named after a Dutchman Adrianus 'Ard' Schenk after he won 3 gold medals in the 1972 Olympics for speed skating
Throttle man
Powerboats are normally crewed by 2 people. One is the pilot - who is the other
In which Olympics was the sport of synchronized swimming given full medal status
In figure skating, what is the name for the spin performed with one leg in the air parallel to the ice
5 wood
In golf, what type of club is a baffle
In diving, how many metres do you have to descend for the pressure to increase by one bar
4 bells
According to the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea, what is the sound signal to be made aboard a yacht anchored in fog
What is the athlete who steers a bobsled called
After which household object was American footballer William Perry nicknamed
When did Roger Bannister break the 4 minute mile
How many points is a goal worth in netball
What was volleyball called when it was first invented
What kick do synchronized swimmers use to stay on the water's surface
What type of wood are most skateboards made from
Which was the only Olympics in which pelota was a full medal sport
Peter Shilton
In 1986, soccer star Diego Maradona's Hand of God punched the ball into the net past which goalkeeper
In what year did women's ice hockey make its Olympic debut
Sonja Henie
Which movie star won 3 figure skating gold medals
Power Play
What is it called in ice hockey when one team has more players on the ice because of a penalty against the opponent
How many minutes must a rugby union player spend in the sin bin when shown a yellow card
What is the term given to a kitesurfer who is riding extremely underpowered
In which year did the luge debut in the Olympics
How many points does a hurling team get for putting the ball under the crossbar of their opponent's goal
Jean Claude Van Damme
Who starred in the 1989 movie Kickboxer
Buck Baker
Which driver was the first to win consecutive NASCAR Winston Cup Championships
Distance and style
In ski jumping, what are the two scoring categories
In a standard set of pool balls, what number is the yellow ball
Debris on the track
In NASCAR what does a flag with red and yellow vertical stripes mean
In which country was volleyball invented
How many different positions can a diver start from
In Olympic synchronized swimming, how many swimmers compete in a team
In what year was the Olympic Flame introduced
In golf what other term is given to a double bogey
Michael Chang
In 1989 who became the youngest ever male to win the French Open tennis championships
In games of lawn bowls played over three sets, how many points are required to win a set
In the movie Caddyshack what is the creature that causes so much havoc on the golf course
Over how many ends are most pairs events in lawn bowls contested
What was World Superbikes champion Carl Fogarty's nickname
In what year did Arthur Ashe become the first black male to win Wimbledon, defeating Jimmy Connors in the final
In NASCAR, if a driver is a rookie what colour bumper will the car have
Tracy Austin
Who won the US Open women's singles championship at age 16
How many Wimbledon singles titles did Martina Navratilova win in her career
South Africa
In what country can you find Boneyards surf break
In which country was the boxer Evander Holyfield born
Sylvester Stallone
Which American actor played the goalkeeper in the 1981 movie Escape to Victory
John McEnroe
Which tennis player won 3 straight US Open titles in 1979-1981 and Wimbledon singles titles
From which state do the American football team the Vikings come
Angel Cabrera
Which golfer won the 2007 US Open
Nigel Benn
Which British middleweight boxer released a hit single entitled 'Stand and Fight'
Table tennis
In which sport would you loop, chop, double-bounce and sidespin
In ice hockey, for how many minutes is a player sent to the penalty box for a minor offence
Aston Villa
Tom Hanks and Ozzy Osbourne are fans of which football club
Australia Dawn Fraser was famous for her achievements in which sport
In 1935, how many world records did Jesse Owens achieve in 45 minutes
If you were piloting a dogsled, what would you shout for the dogs to turn left
The Kentucky Derby
What is the oldest continually held sporting event in the USA
In France, what drink traditionally accompanies a game of petanque
How many matches does a player have to win to take the Wimbledon Championship or the US Open
Willie Beamon
What is the name of the quarterback in the movie Any Given Sunday
What sport is played in the movie Top Gun
What is the person who instructs a kickboxing class called
Bing Crosby
The son of which famous entertainer won the 1981 US Amateur Golf Championship
As of 2006, a game of badminton is played to how many points
In which event did Khalid Khannouchi break the world record in Chicago in October 1999
Sarah Fitzgerald, Leilani Joyce and Carol Owens are three of the top female players in which sport
A 1-wood is known by what name in golf
Which country has won the most Olympic soccer gold medals
Diego Maradona
Which soccer megastar received a two year suspended sentence for shooting a journalist with an air gun
Muhammad Ali
Which famous athlete once said "The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life"
Heisman Trophy
Which award is presented each year in America to the top college football player
Hail Mary
What is it called when the quarterback in American football throws a long pass to the end zone in the last seconds of a game