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Notes for first test in History of Aviation.

Name 3 examples of myths or proposals concerning flight before the invention of the hot air ballon.

The myth of Daedalusand Icarus; Leonardo da Vinci's ornithopter; Francesco de Lana's copper-sphere aerial ship proposal

What form of aviation was invented by Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier?

Lighter-than-air or hot air ballon

Why did the Montgolfier brother choose hot air instead of hydrogen for their balloons?

The cost of obtaining hydrogen prompted them to continue using hot air

What was another name for a hot air type ballon?


What was another name for the hydrogen type ballon?


What was the principle reason for using Charles Green's dragline? And how did it work?

To slow accent and decent rates by reducing weight on decent and increasing weight on accent.

In what ways did the Montgolfier brothers and J.A.C Chareles finance their baloon experiments?

Advance ticket sales, grants, and private funding.

What were the military applications or uses of ballons?

Reconnaissance, Artillery Spotting, Bombing, Observation

What two things make a balloon a dirigible?


Who was the Brazilian aviation pioneer who built and flew dirigibles and an airplane?

Alberto Santos-Dumont

What 2 ancient technologies later had an influence on aviation? (heavier than air)

The kite and the windmill.

Who was the first to aeronautically identify the basic form and elements of a modern airplane?

Sir George Cayley

This German engineer experimented with fixed wing gliders, published his technical notes, and logged almost 2,000 flights. Who was it?

Otto Lilienthal

Octave Chanute published information about flying in his book ________.

Progress in Flying Machines

In what ways did the Wrights' bicycle business help their aviation ventures?

It supplied: funds, wood & metal-working tools and skills, cycle technology such as chain drives, knowledge and experience with balance and control, awareness that a pilot must learn to fly through experience, and a consciousness of weight

What distinguishes the Wrights' flights of 17 December 1903 from earlier heavier-than-air flights?

It was manned, powered, controlled and sustained.

Why did the Wright Brothers apply for patents?

To make, use, and sell their invention for 17 years.

What was an airplane, as defined by the Wright patent of 1906?

a heavier-than-air, aerodynamic flying machine, either glider or airplane

Who was the first passenger to fly on an airplane and when was the flight?

Charlie Furnas, 14 May 1908

Orville Wright won the 1913 Collier Trophy for what achievement in aeronautics?


What was the first airplane flight in Europe?

Santos-Dumont flying the 14-Bis on 12 November 1906

Why were Eurpeans skeptical of the Wright Brothers' successful flights in 1903?

After Chanutes 1903 aviation lecture in Paris, various French inventors tried and failed to reproduce the Wright Brothers flying success.

What was Henry Farman known for?

First to go around a circular track

Why was Henry Farmans flight around a circular track important?

It showed the airplane could turn instead of only going straight.

What were The Short brothers known for?

First to produce airplanes in a series, first manufacturer in Britain, built Wright brothers aircraft under license

What was Lois Bleriot known for?

First to cross the English Chaneel

What was Igor Sikorsky Known for?

The size and sophistication of his aircraft like the S-21 "Grand"

Why was the Aerial Experiment Association formed?

for the purpose of building a practical airplane

What kinds of airplanes did Glen Curtiss build?

Mostly pusher airplanes, also hydroplanes and flying boats.

Why did National Flying Clubs form?

To oversee flying clubs, validate records, issue international pilot licenses.

What was Glen Curtiss's position regarding the Wrights' Patent for a flying machine?

Curtiss argued that the aileron system differed in a major way from the Wrights control system: Ailerons were operated independently of the rudder as apposed to the Wrights simultaneously controlled wingwarping and rudder. Also claimed that ailerons were supplementary surfaces separate from the wing and that they added strength to the wing since they didnt require the wing to flex.

When was the hot air balloon flight?

4 June 1783

When was the first hydrogen ballon flight?

27 August 1783

What animals did the Montgolfier brothers ascend on 19 September 1783 before King Louis XVI at Versailees?

A sheep, a duck, and a rooster.

Who and when was the first manned flight?

Etienne Montgolfier in October of 1783.

When was the first manned free flight of a balloon and who was it?

21 November 1783 and Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier and Francois Laurent

Who was the Montgolfier brother's main competition?

J.A.C. Charles

Who was the first to cross the English Channel in a balloon?

Jeffries & Blanch

When and who was the first to fly in a balloon in the US?

10 May 1784, 13 yr old Edward Warren

What are the 3 types of dirigibles?

Non-rigid, semi-regid, and rigid.

Who was the first successful dirigible flight?

Henry Giffard

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