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Antigone Scene 3 and 4 Questions

What is the "surviving root"? What is the "sickle"?
antigone and ismene are the surviving root. the sickle is the death of antigone and the prophecy. the the surviving root of the prophecy are the 2 sisters.
How does Haemon react when he hears the news of his father's order?
he tries to convince him to change his mind by giving him info to be more open minded.
Does Haemon support his father's decision to execute Antigone? According to Haemon, do the people of Thebes support his father's decision?
he dosent support his fathers decision to execute antigone. according to haemon, the people of thebes do not support his father decision. he respects his father but not his decision.
How does Creon try to convince his son that Antigone is not worth his love?
creon tells haemon that he doesnt want a strong minded women, and their love will soon grow cold. he also told him that shes a hell cat.
Is Creon more concerned with his about the state or his own reputation? What does Creon value most?
hes more concerned about the states reputation rather than his. hes concerned about what the state thinks of him as a ruler. family and friends DON'T come first, the state comes first.
Why does Haemon mention trees?
he tries to explain his father that everyone makes mistakes.
What does Haemon mean when he says, "Die as she may, she shall not die alone"? How does Creon respond?
he means that if she dies he dies. creon takes it as if it were a threat.
Why is Creon ordering Antigone to be given food and buried alive, rather than killed? Is he being merciful?
he said it's up to the gods to finish her. he doesnt want anything to do with her death becuase he doesnt want the guilt of killing her.
How was "Niobe (Phygian sojourner-(traveler))" like Antigone? Why does Antigone cry, "They mock me"? who supports but doesnt stand up for her?
they both lost loved ones, both died in a similar way, in a stone vault. they mock her because she did the right thing. the chorus supports her but the chorus wont stand up for her.
Why does Antigone talk about her father? How was "his doom doom to all of us"?
their father passed on the curse to them, and now they need to live with it forever. his doom was all of our doom.
How does Ode Three differ from Ode One and Ode Two?
ode 3 talks about how powerful love, and that love can even mess with the gods.
what does antigone mean when she says, "it was no bondman that perished, but a brother"?
she means that to her she looks at polyneices as her brother, but not as a criminal, and that he deserves to go into the afterlife.
why does ismene say she helped antigone?
without antigone in her life she has no one left.
why does antigone accuse creon of slighting his own son?
she accuses him because creon dosent respect or listen to him. and because hes sentencing his fiancé to death.
how does Ode Two differ from Ode One?
ode 2 talks about how humans may rule the earth, but gods control humans, and ode 1 talks about human accomplishments and how humans rule over the earth.
creon's ______ comes out of his ______...