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Boom and Bust

During the 1920s, economic growth in the United States occurred
rapidly and then slowed down.
What role did consumers play in slowing the economy down in the 1920s?
Consumers demanded fewer goods.
Businesses and industries in the 1920s most closely followed the buying demands of
Which best summarizes American economic issues at the end of the 1920s?
overproduction, too many credit purchases, stock speculation
Which best explains how the overproduction of goods in the 1920s affected consumer prices and the economy?
Prices fell as consumer demand decreased, and the economy slowed down.
Which best explains why people failed to make their promised payments on items during the 1920s?
They bought too much.
During which decade did an economic boom and bust occur in the United States?
Which best explains what had happened by October 31, 1929, in the stock market?
The market had lost much of its value.
In the 1920s, what did businesses and industries do that caused the economy to slow down?
They overproduced goods.
A strong stock market depends on
overall confidence in the economy.