15 terms

Changes in Matter

thermal energy
the total energy of all of the particles in an object
chemical change
a change in matter that produces one or more new substances
physical change
any change that alters the form or appearance of matter, but does not make any substance in the matter into a different substance
law of conservation of mass
matter is not created or destroyed in any chemical or physical change
the ability to do work or cause change
a measure of the average energy of random motion of particles of matter
endothermic change
a change in which energy is taken in
exothermic change
a change in which energy is released
a substance that undergoes a ______ change is still the same substance after the change
examples of physical changes
dissolving, bending, crushing, breaking, chopping
a ________ change produces new substances with properties different from those of the original substances
examples of chemical changes
combustion, electrolysis, oxidation, tarnishing
every chemical or physical change in matter includes a change in ________
________ is related to the amount of thermal energy an object has
thermal energy
temperature is related to the amount of ________ an object has