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A ________ is a prewritten formula that is built into Excel.


To start a new line in a cell, press the ________ keys.


When you enter a two-digit year that is less than 30, Excel changes the year to ________.


________ is not a valid arithmetic operator.


Multiplies 23 by 0.01


When more than one arithmetic operator is involved in a formula, Excel follows the same basic order of ________ that you use in algebra.


When Excel follows the order of operations, for formula, 8*3+2, equals ________.


Excel assigns the value in cell G15 to the active cell.

select cells for use in a formula using the mouse pointer

Point mode allows you to ________.


The adjusted cell references in a copied and pasted formula are called ________ references.

(Home tab | Clipboard group)

Path to the copy and paste buttons

AutoCorrect Options

You can click the ________ button to undo an automatic correction.

Auto Fill Options

Gives options for filling cells following a fill operation

Trace Error

The ________ Options button lists error-checking options following the assignment of an invalid formula to a cell.


You can select a range using the keyboard by pressing the ________ key and then an ARROW key.


The ________ Option button lists formatting options following an insertion of cells, rows, or columns.


A ________ cell in Excel has a numerical value of zero.


The ________ function sums the numbers in the specified range and then divides the sum by the number of cells with numeric values in the range.


The ________ AutoComplete list contains those functions that alphabetically match the letters you type following the equal sign.

right parenthesis

Excel automatically appends the ________ to complete the AVERAGE function with you click the Enter box or press the ENTER key.

(Home tab | Editing group)

Path to the Sum button


You should ________ a function name in the Formula AutoComplete list to select the function.


The ________ function displays the highest value in a range.

Insert Function box on the formula bar

Clicking the ________ opens the Insert Function dialog box shown in the accompanying figure.


The ________ function determines the lowest number in a range.


To copy cell contents, you can select the cell and the press the ________ keys.


To paste copied cell contents, you can press the ________ keys.

Range Finder

You can use the ________ to check which cells are referenced in the formula assigned to the active cell.


A ________ is a predefined set of colors, fonts, chart styles, cell styles, and fill effects.


You can open the Format Cells dialog box by pressing the ________ keys.


The most popular background color is ________.

Accounting number format

The ________ displays numbers with a fixed dollar sign to the left of the number, a comma every three positions to the left of the decimal point, and displays numbers to the nearest cent.


In the accompanying figure, the ranges E4:I4 and F13:I13 are formatted with a ________ dollar sign.

(Home tab | Number group)

Path to the Comma Style button

(Home tab | Styles group)

Path to the Conditional Formatting button


If you do not assign a format to a cell or cells in a column, the column width will remain ________ characters.


When you decrease the row height to ________, the row is hidden.

(Review tab | Proofing group)

Path to the Spelling button

Page Layout

________ view allows you to create or modify a worksheet while viewing how it will look in printed format.

Print Selection

To print a range of cells in the active worksheet, click ________ in the Settings area in the Print gallery, as shown in the accompanying figure.

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