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Sociology Review Chapter 1

1) Sociology is best described as
B) The study of human behavior in society
2) Which sociologist wrote of the sociological imagination?
A) C. Wright Mills
3) What does the sociological imagination classify our lives as?
C) Contextual lives
4) What type of science is sociology?
D) Social
5) Sociology uses which of the following as part of its scientific approach to interpret social
B) Systematic observations
7) Which of the following, according to John Locke, plays an essential role in people joining
together in a society?
B) Social contracts
8) Which two themes came together in the work of Thomas Jefferson?
A) Individual liberty and that society removes freedom
9) Who first coined the term sociology?
A) Auguste Comte
10) Which definition does the text use to describe modernism?
C) The belief in evolutionary progress, through the application of science
6) What was an outcome of the Enlightenment?
A) Use of reason to understand the relationship of the individual and society.
11) Which of the following is NOT one of the stages that Comte believed each society passes
B) Metempsychosis
12) Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about what in America?
A) Democracy
13) Which is a central component of Karl Marxȇs theoretical framework?
D) Capitalism
14) Marx believes that the best economic system is one that has collective ownership of all
property. Which economic system best fits what Marx supports?
B) Communism
15) Which term in Marxȇs theory would be applied to the working class?
C) Proletariat
16) What central insight was illustrated in Emile Durkheimȇs study of suicide?
A) Society is held together by solidarity?
17) According to Durkheim which form of solidarity shares a common culture and sense of
A) Mech
A) Mechanical
18) According to Durkheim which form of solidarity exists when people are interdependent, share
less obvious common values, have diverse and conflicting interests, and a more complex
division of labor?
C) Organic
19) Which book is considered to be Max Weberȇs most famous work?
B) The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
20) Which best describes the concept social telesis?
A) Those who ruled deserved to do so because they had adapted best to social conditions.
21) Which is true about the classical canon of sociology according to your text?
B) It consists entirely of white men.
22) Which best describes symbolic interactionism?
A) An individualȇs interactions with his or her environment help a person develop a sense
of self.
23) Which theorist used a dramaturgical model?
D) Erving Goffman
25) A coherent model of how society works and how individuals are socialized into their roles
within it is called?
B) A paradigm
24) Jane believes that social life consists of several distinct integrated levels that enable the world
to find stability, order, and meaning. Janeȇs belief is an example of which theory?
A) Structural Functionalism
26) Which sociological theorist was a central figure of structural-functionalist analysis?
D) Talcott Parsons
27) What ,according to Robert K. Merton, can the functions of any institution or interaction be?
A) Either manifest or latent
28) Which theory suggests that the dynamics of society, both of social order and social resistance,
were the result of conflict among different groups?
C) Conflict theory
29) Globalization focuses on which level analysis when examining institutional processes?
B) Macrolevel analysis
30) Which best describes multiculturalism?
C) The understanding of many different cultures
31) What is the process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and
governments of different nations known as?
B) Globalization
32) George Ritzer coined what term for the increasing homogenity around the world?
A) McDonaldization
33) Which political scientist stated that our world is characterized by both "McWorld" and "Jihad"?
D) Benjamin Barber
34) What is the suggestion that postmodernism makes about the world we live in?
C) The meaning of social life may not be found in conforming to rigid patterns of
development but rather in the creative assembling of interactions and interpretations that
enable us to negotiate our world.
35) The percentages of nonwhites and non-males within the field of sociology over the last 50
years has seen what change?
B) An increase
1) Sociology is the study of human behavior in________.
A) Society
2) ________is the belief in evolutionary progress, through the application of science.
A) Modernism
3) ________coined the term sociology.
C) Auguste Comte
4) Tocqueville discussed the United States as the embodiment of ________.
A) Democracy
5) ________ economic system was Karl Marx's central interest.
B) A Capitalist
6) Marx and Engels wrote ________.
C) The Communist Manifesto
7) Too ________ regulation in society according to Durkheim leads to "anomic" suicide.
B) Little
8) Durkheim argued that society is held together by ________.
A) Solidarity
9) Durkheimȇs two forms of solidarity are ________and ________.
C) Mechanical;Organic
10) Weberȇs most famous work is The ________ Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.
A) Protestant
11) Weber added the concepts ofȱȈstatusȈȱand ________ to class.
C) "Party"
12) Simmel believed the special task of sociology was to study the ________ of social interaction
apart from their content.
A) Forms
13) ________ is a personȇs notion of the common values, norms, and expectations of other people
in a society.
B) The generalized other
14) ________ wrote the book Woman in the Nineteenth Century
D) Margaret Fuller
15) ________ examines how an individual's interactions with his or her environment--other
people, institutions, ideas--help a person develop a sense of self
D) Symbolic Interactionism
16) ________ functions are overt and obvious.
A) Manifest
17) ________ functions are hidden and unintended.
B) Latent
18) The United States, according to a conflict theorist, is a society based on structural ________.
C) Inequality
19) Nations that are interconnected through economic, political, cultural and social means
bringing together different groups of people all over the world are an example of ________.
C) Globalization
20) The understanding of many different cultures is ________.
C) Multiculturalism
21) Timȇs research related to globalization focuses on ________ level analysis.
A) Macro
22) George Ritzer terms the increasing homogeneity around the world as ________.
A) McDonaldization
23) Benjamin Barber characterized our world as both "McWorld" and ________.
B) Jihad
24) ________ suggests that the meaning of social life may not be found in conforming to rigid
patterns of development but rather in the creative assembling of interactions and
interpretations that enable us to negotiate our way in the world.
D) Postmodernism
25) Sociology remains a deeply ________ enterprise when approaching how to improve the world.
A) Modern