The Olympic Motto
Citius, altius, fortius
The rings on the flag represent...
The continents which compete
The period of time between each games is called...
In ancient games, winners would get...
A crown made of olive leaves
A characteristic of World Games which is important to the host government.
National showpiece/ political statement
The types of performers present at World Games
A reason individuals invest time and effort into reaching World Games
Position self in global commercial market
A reason countries invest time and effort into hosting World Games
Increase tourism
Venue of the first modern Olympics in 1896
The organisation responsible for the Olympics
The International Olympic Committee (IOC)
A sport must be participated in by at least 25 countries across three continents before...
it can be accepted as an Olympic Sport
What is the Olympic Message?
The important thing in Olympic Games is not winning but taking part
Fairplay is encouraged by the...
Olympic Oath