7 Systems of the Body

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What keeps blood flowing through the body using the heart, vessels, and pumping muscles?
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Which system helps us to procreate (reproduce)?reproductive systemThe male reproductive system is responsible for sperm production and consists of what?penis, testis, ductus deferens, and glandsThe female reproductive system is responsible for the production of ovules and consists of what?vulva, vagina,uterus, and ovariesWhich system controls involuntary muscles (smooth muscles)?nervous systemThe nervous system has 2 systems. What are the systems?central nervous (brain and spine) and peripheral nervous (all the nerves)The central system receives information and sends it to what system to tell you to do things like cover your ears when noises are too loud?peripheralWhich system is the base of our body and consists of bones connected together through ligaments?skeletalThe skeletal system maintains our bodily form and protects vital ________.organsWhich system makes the body move and organs work through contraction of the muscles?muscular systemName the 3 types of muscles.skeletal, smooth, and cardiacWhat is the use of the skeletal muscle?move and support the skeletonWhere is the smooth muscle located?stomach, intestines, blood vessels, and bladderWhat is the use of the cardiac muscle?makes the heart beat