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  1. James Madison quote
  2. republic
  3. Wilderness Road
  4. Articles of Confederation
  5. Patrick Henry
  1. a Said, "If men were angels, no government would be necessary."
  2. b He said he "smelled a rat in Philadelphia, tending toward monarchy".
  3. c The trail cut by Daniel Boone over Appalachian Mts. to Kentucky
  4. d 1st plan for a national government developed at the 1776 Continental Congress
  5. e The people choose representative for them.

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  1. Compromise that settled the issue of representation in Congress - the Senate would give each state equal representation, and the House of Representatives would have representation based on on state's population
  2. Included land from the states of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and part of Minnesota
  3. Presented the New Jersey Plan
  4. Father of the Constitution
  5. Plan for one house and representation would be equal for all states.

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  1. Bill of RightsPeople who supported the Constitution


  2. John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, James MadisonThe three men who wrote The Federalist Papers.


  3. FederalistsPeople who supported the Constitution


  4. Land Ordinance of 1785Described how the new territory would be governed, and set conditions for settlement.


  5. Anti-FederalistsPeople who supported the Constitution


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