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  1. Shay's Rebellion
  2. Articles of Confederation
  3. Constitutional Convention
  4. Federalists
  5. Weaknesses of Articles of Confederation
  1. a Rebels take over a Massachusetts courthouse and farmers won the sympathy of many people. Showed weakness in Articles of Confederation
  2. b The meeting in Philadelphia that was described as, "An assembly of demigods" by Thomas Jefferson.
  3. c 1. Lacked power to enforce laws (no power to put down rebellions) 2. Lacked power to levy taxes (no way to raise money for roads, schools) 3. Lacked power to regulate trade among states (made trade difficult between states because of taxes on goods as they passed through each state) 4. Required all 13 states to approve changes in the Articles (made it difficult to make any changes in laws)
  4. d 1st plan for a national government developed at the 1776 Continental Congress
  5. e People who supported the Constitution

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  1. 1. Governed nation during the American Revolutionary War (raised army, paid soldiers) 2. Negotiated the Treaty of Paris at end of war (established independence from Britain and set boundaries for US) 3. Passed the Land Ordinance of 1785 - (townships and free public education) 4. Passed the Northwest Ordinance how new territory settled and settlers' rights (Outlawed slavery, guaranteed freedom of religion, trial by jury)
  2. The trail cut by Daniel Boone over Appalachian Mts. to Kentucky
  3. Plan that proposed two houses both based on population.
  4. Presented the New Jersey Plan
  5. Two men who refused to sign the Constitution until a Bill of Rights was added

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  1. Land Ordinance of 1785Surveyors staked out six mile square plots called Townships.


  2. Great CompromiseCompromise that settled the election of a the president


  3. James MadisonFather of the Constitution


  4. New Jersey PlanPlan for one house and representation would be equal for all states.


  5. Anti-FederalistsPeople who supported the Constitution


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