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Horse-drawn chariots and bronze weapons were introduced into Egypt by the Correct Answer:


Which of the following devices did the ancient Maya build in order to trap silt carried by the numerous rivers passing through the Mesoamerican lowlands?


After 3000 B.C.E. all Sumerian cities were ruled by what form of government?


Which of the following answers reflects the early varna hierarchy from highest to lowest?

brahmins, kshatriyas, vaishyas, shudras

The Shang rulers were strengthened by their control over the technological advantage of


Much of early Harappan history remains a mystery because

the archaeological remains are under water.

Harkhuf was a Nubian trader who brought back exotic products from tropical Africa.


Homo erectus is the order of primates that flourished in Africa as early as four million years ago.


The Aryans believed that Varuna

oversaw the behavior of mortals and preserved the cosmic order.

The Maya believed that monumental change
would occur whenever their ceremonial and solar calendars returned to their respective starting points at the same time. This event took place every ________ solar years.


The Chinese emperor who started the imperial university was

Han Wudi.

The founder of the Han dynasty was

Liu Bang.

Shang Yang and Han Feizi hoped to control China's subjects

with clear and strict laws.

The Chinese philosopher who proposed that only strong social discipline would bring society into order was



were Confucian "superior individuals" who took an active role in public affairs.

Fifteen thousand terra-cotta soldiers were
unearthed in the tomb of


The traditional founder of Daoism is considered to


In an effort to bring about effective governmental
control, the Legalists

established the principle of collective responsibility before the law.

Which group of people was the greatest military
threat to the Han dynasty?

the Xiongnu

The Chinese emperor who was notorious for his
hatred of Confucianism and for his burning of books was

Qin Shihuangdi.

The legendary founder of Daoism was Laozi.


The first ruler to unite all of China was

Qin Shihuangdi

The Daoist virtue of removal from the affairs of the world was known as junzi.


Wang Mang

carried out reforms so revolutionary that he is known as the "socialist emperor."

Xunzi was the post-Confucian scholar who believed that human beings selfishly pursued their own interests


The Sasanids claimed direct descent from the Achaemenids and that ruled from 224 to 651 C.E.


The founder of the Achaemenid empire was


Zarathustra viewed the material world

as a gift from Ahura Mazda that should be enjoyed

The greatest Parthian ruler was

Mithradates I.

For his decision to allow them to return to their
capital city and rebuild their temple, Darius received high praise from these people. Who were they?


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