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many varieties of cultures or variety


descibes people who are descendants of the people which first lived in a region or native to teh region


lack of fairness


a US-owned factory in Mexico that is located close to the US-Mexico border


the act of moving into another country; move out of one country into another


a person that moves from one country to another; a person who moves to a new country in order to settle there

Mexico City

the capital and largest city in Mexico; one of the largest urban areas in the world


the main language of the people of Mexico and Central America


English-speaking country in Central America

Countries in Central America

Panama, El Savador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica

Roman Catholic

the main religion of the people of Mexico and Central America

reasons why rural people are moving to the cities

rapid population growth, search for jobs and better schools

ethnic group

a group of people who share similar beliefs, religion, language, race, or cultural traditions; or share the same ancestors, culture, language, or religion


an annual celebration in Latin America with music, dances, and parades held just before Lent


an island country in the Caribbean Sea


an island country, the largest of the Caribbean islands


an island in the Caribbean Sea that contains 2 countries and 2 cultures, divided between Haiti in the west and the Dominican Republic in the east

Trinidad and Tobago

republic of the West Indies where the biggest Carnival is held

West Indies

another name for the Caribbean Islands


first inhabitants, native americans or the first people to live in the Caribbean Islands

Arawaks and Caribs

South American groups that were early inhabitants of the Caribbean after the Ciboney


a form of song that uses humor in its lyrics


a bread made from the cassava plant like the Arawaks made

groups that came to the Caribbean

colonists, slaves and immigrants

Caribbean sports

baseball, soccer, track and field, cricket and dominoes

Caribbean culture

play music, dance and tell stories and is known for its liveliness


the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group

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