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Famed Aztec feathered serpent, son of creator God, helped create the cosmos and the system of death and rebirth, god of culture and agriculture


Aztec war god, name means "hummingbird of the south"


Domestic Aztec goddess of the home and domestic hearth fires, combination of pleasures and pain, name means "she who dwells in this house"


Two in one Aztec creator god, entire universe is his temple, god of fire, he and his wife (Omecihuatl) symbolize duality/primordial forces of nature


All-important Aztec god specializing in night, death, and temptation; carries a smoking mirror that confuses


Aztec god of Mictlan (Aztec underworld), husband of Tlazozomizqui


Aztec god of fertility and water, ruler of Tlalocan (4th level of upper world, heavens)


Aztec mother goddess, goddess of earth and fire


Aztec goddess of youth and beauty, goddess of lakes and streams


founder of Mayan culture who brought maize to the people, state-god of Mayan Empire


Mayan god of fertility and agriculture, sends thunder and rain


Mayan god of death, ruled over Mitnal (Mayan underworld)


Mayan sun god who appears as a firebird, father of Itzamna


Fierce and violent Mayan god of war, patron of merchants, portrayed as a black man

Yum Caax

Lord of the woods, Mayan god of maize and agriculture


Mayan earth and moon goddess, patroness of pregnant women, invented the art of weaving


Deified Mayan hero, "heart of the cities," patron god of the drum


Mayan moon god, responsible for the stars

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