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What led Hamilton to promote the fiscal policies of funding and assumption?

the need to gain support of wealthy groups for the federal government

What guaranteed basic liberties and indicated some swing away from Federalist centralizing?

passage of the Bill of Rights

What led to the imposition of the first tariff in 1789 and the excise tax on whiskey in 1791?

the need for federal revenues to finance Hamilton's ambitious policies

What caused the Whiskey Rebellion?

Hamilton's excise tax on western farmers' products

What led to the formation of the first two American political parties?

clashes between Hamilton and Jefferson over fiscal policy and foreign affairs

What event created bitter divisions in America between anti-Revolution Federalists and pro-Revolution Republicans?

the French Revolution

What led Washington to support Jay's treaty?

danger of war with Britain

What document aroused Jeffersonian Republican outrage at the Washington administration's pro-British policies?

Jay's Treaty

What event caused an undeclared war with France?

XYZ Affair

What caused the passage of the Alien Acts?

Federalist fear of radical French immigrants

A key addition to the new federal government that had been demanded by many of the ratifying states was...

a written bill of rights to guarantee liberty

One immediate innovation not mentioned in the Constitution that was developed by George Washington's administration was...

the cabinet

The Bill of Rights is the name given to provisions whose actual form is...

the first ten amendments to the federal Constitution

Which of the following sets of rights was NOT included in the Bill of Rights...

rights to freedom of education and freedom to travel

The Ninth and Tenth Amendments partly reversed the federalist momentum of the Constitution by declaring that...

all rights not mentioned in the federal Constitution were retained by the states or by the people themselves

Hamilton's first financial policies were intended to...

fund the national debt and to have the federal government assume the debts owed by the states

The essential disagreement between Hamilton and Jefferson over the proposed Bank of the United States was...

whether the Constitution granted the federal government the power to establish such a bank

The first American political parties developed primarily out of...

the disagreement of Jefferson and his states' rights followers with Hamilton's economic policies

The Whiskey Rebellion was most significant because...

it showed that the new federal government would use force if necessary to uphold its authority

Regarding the French Revolution, most Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans believed that...

the violence was regrettable but necessary

Washingtons' foreign policy rested on the basic belief that...

it was in America's interest to stay neutral in all European wars

The US became involved in undeclared hostilities with France in 1797 because of...

American anger at attempted French bribery and the XYZ Affair

The Alien and Sedition Acts were aimed primarily at...

the Jeffersonians and their allegedly pro-French activities and ideas

Jefferson's Kentucky resolutions argued that...

the states had the right to nullify unconstitutional federal laws

Federalists essentially believed that...

there should be a strong central government controlled by the wealthy and well educated

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