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Head and Neck Muscles

Study for Head and Neck Muscles. NOTE: O = origin; I = insertion, A = action
O: Galea aponeuritica I: Subcutaneous tissue of eyebrows Elevates eyebrows in glancing upward and expressions of surprise or fright; draws scalp forward and wrinkles skin of forehead
Orbicularis oris
O: Maxilla and mandible (indirect) I: Muscles and skin at edge of mouth Action: Closes lips; purses and protrudes lips
Orbicularis oculi
O: Frontal bone; I: Skin of eyelid; Action - Allows you to squint, blink, and wink
O: epicranial aponeurosis; I: skin of eyebrow and bridge of nose; A: raises eyebrow and wrinkles forehead
Zygomaticus major
O: Zygomatic bone, I: Skin at the corner of the mouth, Action: Draws corner of mouth up & back (smiling)
O: Temporal bone; I: Mandible; Action - Closes jaw (Not Temporalis), used for chewing
O:Surface of temporal fossa. I: Coronoid process of mandible. Action - Elevates mandible.
O: Sternum and clavicle; I: Mastoid process; Action - flexes the neck; rotates the head
O: Occipital bone, cervical/thoracic vertebrae; I: Scapula and Clavicle; Action - Extends neck and adducts humerus